Live vicariously through Boris & Charlie


As you may or may not have noticed we have adopted an unofficial publishing schedule for our articles of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Charlie and I have decided to fill some of the void by filling you in on our whereabouts this summer. We will be making short posts on many of our “off days” with a picture and/or video and just a few sentences about our current location and activities. So if you still haven’t escaped the corporate prison at least you can live vicariously through us… not that we don’t encourage you to get off your ass do something about it as soon as you’re finished reading.

We will also be “checking in” frequently on … [Read more]

Dancing = Foreplay

Dancing = Foreplay

An extremely useful and important skill for the single dude traveler is dancing.  I know, some of you DAFFS are thinking, “Dancing?  That’s impossible, I’m 30 years old and have never danced, it’s too late, plus dancing is gay.”  Wrong.  You have to dance.  You don’t need to be able to sweep a girl off her feet on the dance floor, but you have to be willing to enjoy dancing occasionally and not be a complete disaster when you do it.

News flash from The Obvious Broadcasting Company: Chicks love to dance.  As much as they love to shop, have their pictures taken, and play with kittens/puppies/babies.  It’s just a fact of life.  Dancing is … [Read more]

Guest Post: Pay Me To Date Me

Anna, you showed us all the way.

A couple of months ago a Singaporean born businessman based in Las Vegas – Brandon Wade – launched a new “dating” website called Here is the description of how it works from the website: is an online dating website and marketplace where users can buy or sell the opportunity of going out on a first date.

Based on a patent pending dating system (US Patent Pending: Application No. 61407831), provides a platform where generous and attractive singles can negotiate and agree on a price for a first date. By providing this additional monetary incentive, is able to help people meet those they really want to meet – Guaranteed!

When you register for the … [Read more]

Friday Haiku Corner with ¡Raul! Vol. 12

Hot Tattoo Chinese Girl

Want to eat healthy?
Stop being so damn lazy.
Farmers’ Market. Go.

Big mushroom benders,
can be good or get messy.
Not dull with ¡Raul!

Las Vegas Mangal!
It’s like a douche/ho contest.
Everybody wins!

Stewardess? Sky Hag?
One instead of the other?
Asia or U.S.

Oh no, where is he?
I lost my fairy wingman.
Nope! He is in back!

Doing your homework and being a good tourist


When you’re traveling you want to avoid being a douchebag, an asshole, a DAFF, or just the typical Ugly American (or Brit, or whatever) Tourist.  It’s just not cool and six foot blonde Russian chicks are not turned on at all by Dumb Western Tourist Guy (DWTG).  So before you travel do a little homework about your target destination. Doing your homework on a destination helps differentiate you from the typical douchebag tourist and it makes you into someone that the locals find cool, interesting and worthy of getting to know. People from smaller countries are usually flattered when others take time to learn about their homeland, so do it, it gives you a great … [Read more]

Today's the Day, Get Off Your Ass

Starting Line

Happy Monday, dudes!  For those of you trapped in a corporate prison, Mondays suck.  For the self-employed, like myself and Boris, Mondays are much better.  Building on Boris’ recent post about now being the perfect time to move, it bears stating out in the open that waiting for a perfect opportunity will almost definitely leave you regretting earlier inaction. Today, this Monday, is different.  Today is the day you get started in a new direction.  So what’s holding you back?

I can only imagine some of you out there have had at least one of the following laments:

1.) I would take one of these trips if only I didn’t need to lose twenty pounds to … [Read more]

Sky Hags, Seniority is Ruining Domestic Air Travel

Sky Hag

Times are tough these days in the airline business.  It seems like airlines are folding or getting bought out all the time.  They are charging more and more fees to fly, from baggage fees to food to even fees for pillows and blankets.  Routes are being canceled, prices are going up, and it is just impossible to actually speak to a person sometimes when you call the airline up.

I’m on a flight right now as I write this from Los Angeles to NYC and as almost always on a domestic flight, the plane is staffed with old, ugly, and ill tempered stewardesses.  Think back, when was the last time you flew on an American domestic airline … [Read more]

Real Men Go to the Farmers' Market

veggie love

Every Saturday morning, when my alarm goes off super early (at 10AM) and as I groggily lift my head off the pillow, the girl next to me says,

“Carlos, que haces?” to which I reply:

“Voy al farmers’ market, mi corazonita.  Regreso en una hora con desayuno y mas amor!”

Then I step out and drop by the farmer’s market.  So I’m sure your next question is: Why would I leave that gorgeous Costa Rican girl in bed to go buy some vegetables?

Because: Real men go to the Farmers’ Market.

It’s so useful for so many reasons.  In today’s world of super unhealthy processed food, the McDonalds epidemic, and lots of artificial pesticides and fertilizer, … [Read more]

Hey Girls! Want to know why you're still single?


Ok girls, listen up.

I hear so much complaining from girls these days about their boyfriends.  It’s seems to them so hard to find a man who treats them they way that they want and wants to commit to them long term.  “Guys these days”, they say, “don’t want to spend time with me, they don’t want to commit, they’re immature, they don’t show me sufficient respect, they drink too much, they don’t show me enough affection, and they only seems to like me for sex!  What a bunch of jerks men are!”

Here’s some news for you girls:  It’s all your fault!

I am always amazed when I observe how other people around me conduct their relationships and … [Read more]

100th Article Special Video


Hi everyone!  Thanks so much to everyone for reading and contributing to the blog and we hope you find it to be both helpful and entertaining.  This is our 100th article!  Hope you enjoy this video – of a first date with a American Girl.   Props to this article by Lucy Taylor about today’s ego epidemic for the inspiration.  Enjoy!