The Single Dude's Guide to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas TowersKuala Lumpur, Malaysia, known locally simply as “KL”, is a pretty strange place to think of for single dude travel. It’s definitely a weird place. It’s Asia, it’s infernally hot and humid all the time, it’s Muslim, and the people here are from a totally different part of the gene pool. If you come here expecting business as usual you’ll be in for a rude awakening, but if you just go with the flow it’s possible to have a lot of fun here.

First thing you need to keep in mind in KL is that Malaysia is a Muslim country. That is the source of a lot of the cultural issues and drawbacks of the place. 70% of the Malaysian population is native Malay, and the majority of them are Muslim. For them Muslim law, or Sharia is in effect. That means, no drinking, heads are covered for women, and other weird things like “Islamic banking”.

Islam is also responsible for my least favorite fact of life in KL – high drink prices. Since the Muslims don’t drink, the government jacks up the drink prices. It’s basically a foreigner tax. If you go to a club, expect to pay upwards of $10 for a mixed drink. Whenever you go to Malaysia be sure to pick up a couple bottles of your favorite poison at duty free on your way in.

Stay away from the Malay girls. Sharia makes it technically illegal for a girl to be in a room alone with any man not a family member or her husband. Frankly speaking the average Malay woman is pretty heinously ugly and retarded to boot, so you’re not really going to be missing much. Lucky for the single dude, KL (along with Singapore) is the business center of the region, and people from all over the region are there. It’s a smorgasbord of hot chicks from all parts of the world, something I hadn’t really given much thought to before I came. You can expect to find:

Correction: I’ve been back to KL a couple times since I wrote this and I have to say I’ve changed my mind about Malay girls. There’s a lot of cute nice Malay girls so I now say go ahead. Just stay away from the ones with headscarves.

Chinese:  25% of the Malaysian population is Malaysian Chinese. The Chinese here get treated like shit by the Malay controlled government and have many legal roadblocks to success, yet due to their work ethic and the Malay laziness and retardation they are the most successful people in KL. The girls are often surprisingly hot, dress great, and are super easy to pick up, just keep things really simple because English is quite bad in KL. Just smile and don’t try to get too philosophical.

Indian:  Another smaller local population is the Indian population. There are some super hot Indian girls walking around, although many are fat with bad skin. Their English is better than the rest here and Indians are very outgoing. The Indians love to party and are well represented in the clubs.

Vietnamese:  The majority of the hooker population is comprised of super sweet super hot little Vietnamese girls from super poor backgrounds coming to the big city of KL to try to make something of their lives. This does not always turn out well and these girls are often very badly treated, get kidnapped, beaten, and sometimes simply “disappeared”. A very sad story, but these girls are super sweet and the hottest in SE Asia in many people’s opinions.

Iranian:  There’s a bunch of super hot Persian girls in KL due to the fact that Malaysia is one of the very few countries that does not require visas from Iranians. The Iranian girls are well represented at the clubs, and are recognizable by their makeup, fake boobs, and hot clothes. A very good choice, and not at all what you would expect from the American media’s portrayal of Iranians. The Iranians in KL also tend to be quite affluent, so yes, that’s probably a real Fendi bag.

Saudi:  Saudi women are recognizable by their horrible black burkhas and their fat slob husbands walking ahead of them a couple of paces wearing flip flops, shorts and ratty t-shirts. Best to avoid this train wreck.

Aussies:  Australians are well represented in SE Asia due to their close proximity. However I do not highly recommend Aussie girls as they share many of the same drawbacks as American girls and those from other Western countries. The guys are also often drunk douchebags or DAFFs who think getting black-out-drunk and smashing someone over the head with a pint glass is a fun night.

KL is a great destination, but you have to know what you’re doing in KL. Do not show up and expect things to go the way you’re used to. First, Malaysia has a very strict drug policy including the death penalty for drug traffickers. Do not try to take drugs over borders involving Malaysia, even just to Singapore. Generally speaking the drugs in Malaysia are home produced, which means bad weed and good X. But be careful and know the people you get involved with when drugs are concerned.

In addition to all wonderful exotic smorgasbord of women available to you in KL, it’s also relatively cheap to stay – KL has the cheapest 4 and 5 star hotels in the region. The food is a nice mix of all the regional cuisine, with lots of great Chinese, Indian, Thai and Indonesian influences. It’s easy to get to and relatively safe. So where to go once you’re there?

The most famous bar in KL and maybe in all of Southeast Asia is the Beach Club.  Situated at the end of Jalang Bukit Bintang and just a stone’s throw from the Petronas Towers, the bar is filled with hundreds of super hot Asian girls, especially mouth-wateringly beautiful Vietnamese girls. And they’re so friendly too! The reason: nearly 100% are prostitutes. For a very reasonable sum they are available to take home – as long as they like you, of course. We at Single Dude Travel do not recommend prostitution; leave that to the fat old ugly guys. But the Beach Club has a great band, it’s a great party, and it’s super fun to hang out there and watch the carnage.  An absolute must for tourism purposes.

Also one of the things I like about the place is that they don’t let the ladyboys in the club, so you can be pretty confident when drunk that that hot Thai girl doesn’t have a spring roll waiting for you under that miniskirt. Be careful right outside, though, they’ll be waiting for you as soon as you leave the club.

Be careful with the ladyboys in KL. They are much less common than they are in say, Phuket, but word is that they are bagladies for the local Chinese Mafia. If they approach you, be polite, and get away from them. You don’t want none of that shit, Dewey.

I was drinking at a bar in KL recently and I met a whole bunch of US Marines who lived in KL protecting the US Embassy. When I asked if there was anywhere they weren’t allowed to go in KL, they said there was only one, which was a bar in Chinatown. The reason was that recently a couple Marines were in the bar in question, and I’m sure there was a good bit of drinking involved, and some ladyboys approached them. Or maybe the other way around, there was definitely the “fog of war” involved. Well as you imagine things got bad quickly – I would guess the ladyboys didn’t take the first no as an answer – and the Marines kicked the shit out of them. I tell you what, the only time I wouldn’t take the Chinese Mafia’s side of a bar fight would be if there were Marines on the other side. So ladyboys, be warned: when drunk US marines tell you to quit grabbing their balls, I’d quit if I were you.

Moving on to places to be more of a normal person, there’s a lot of great options. If clubbing is your thing, Zouk is the place, with multiple clubs and lots of hot chicks, go on the weekend with your crew and get bottle service.

Another club survival tip in KL is that at the club the bottle service is often the smartest way to survive financially. Often buying a $100-150 bottle of vodka can get 6 people into club without paying a 15 dollar cover each, and then at $10+ a drink after that, you break even on the first round of drinks. Another nice thing in KL is if you’re at the club and you don’t finish your bottle they will write your name on in and give you a ticket to redeem it next time you go. Nice!

The after party is at a place in Asian Heritage Row called Desire. Bottle service here is a must. It is filled with lots of beautiful girls, as well as plenty of people you want to steer clear from, so tread lightly here. I went here with my favorite Bulgarian girlfriend and a Danish friend and his outrageously hot wife and we partied first at the downstairs bar (last call 5AM) and then upstairs at the after after party club (9AM).  Everything was going great, until my Bulgarian beauty was dancing on a little stage and I took a picture that had some random dude in the margin of the photo. Within seconds, a bunch of Russian Mafia guys pulled me over to the bar and demanded that I delete the photo immediately in front of them. After that they were glaring at me all night, so we eventually just bailed at 7AM before shit got worse. Anyway, keep your wits about you.

If the club scene isn’t for you, KL has another really nice option of rooftop pool, bars. There are shitloads of skyscrapers in KL and they are building more all the time.  Many of these are hotels, and several have fantastic rooftop pool bars. Cover can often be high, as well as the dink prices, (welcome to KL) but the girls are top shelf and the views are amazing. My favorites are Luna on the Pacfic Regency Hotel and the Sky Bar on the roof of the Trader’s Hotel.

The Sky Bar

The Sky Bar

If regular bars are your thing, check out Chancat Bukin Bintang.  Not to be confused with he Jalan Bukit Bintang of the Beach Club, Chancat is a smaller lane with lots of smaller bars. I go there most often to Pinchos which has the right floor plan and is always full of classy international chicks. Maybe you’ll prefer a different place.  Just walk down the drag and see what fits your flavor.

KL is a great place to follow El Matador’s advice and go to the mall. The Petronas Towers have a mall downstairs called KLCC which always has hot chicks in it, with outdoors restaurants out back and a huge food court upstairs. The problem is that KLCC is the Malaysian, Islamic-owned mall, so there are too many Saudis and ugly Malay girls there. My favorite mall is The Pavillion, which is Chinese owned and super ritzy. There’s a inside-outside drag with lots of bars and restaurants, and the Starbucks there always has Russian models sitting around on their laptops skyping their friends complaining how there are no real men in Asia. Go to it.

Boris adds:

It’s been four years since Ive been to KL but this is exactly as I remember it. Charlie nailed it!

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    For the glory of Allah, the Merciful One Who is endlessly Beneficent, and Who Graciously rewards those who live in Divine harmony,

    1) (Muhammad,) teach them: He, Allah, is the Only One; 2) Allah is the Eternal One upon Whom all depend 3) He Who creates without a partner, and Who was not created 4) and there is none comparable to the One.

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    i) Malay people are the original inhabitants of Malay Peninsular, together with orang asli. Proves? you can find out yourself what is ‘Melayu Proto’ and “Melayu Deutro’.

    ii) Malay people never kill orang asli as what americans did to native americans. for what did the Malays need to kill the orang asli? they know that they shared this land with orang asli since thousands years ago. malays have their own land, so, they are not as desperate as americans to having a land by killing the original inhabitants(since the americans did not have their own land and then, come to other people land and kill the original inhabitants just because to take over the land) what kind of human is this? barbaric? i think so.

    iii) Malay heroes, such as Dato’ Maharajalela and other Malay heroes kill Birch because they don’t want other people from other races become their rulers at their own land (such a busybody). get your fact right.

    yes, the history written in the textbook some are wrong and inaccurate. but, the history that you wrote here is the worst history ever i’ve heard. i’m not sorry to say that.

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      One mistake, Malay here is merely 600s over years where China have came to trade here about the same time
      Read ur history please

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    The guy is a moron, I lived in KL for 5 years with my Malaysian Chinese partner and it’s a load of shit. Malay women are as beautiful as any, to generalize Malays as lazy is a sure indication of the frustration of some pathetic expat with white skin working a 9 to 5 job and trying to be Top Dog in what he considers a 3rd world country. Malays are smart , they are not lazy just have their own pace. So keep your stupid comments where they that empty vessel mate.

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    hahaha whoever wrote this is just another bellend? man you are just racist. condemning the malays and not the other races that live in Malaysia too? open your eyes reaally reaally wide because i’m guessing you’re chinese as your seems like backing them up a bit too much, eh? anywhooo, if you come to malaysia and expect to get laid very easily you’ve come to the wrong place my friend. sure there is some but not much will happen i tell you. because most of malaysian no matter what race they are, they tend to ‘save’ their virginity. trust me, i’ve tried and failed countless of time.

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    I am a Papua New Guinean (Melanesian Nigger of course) on a diplomatic mission here but I tell you what…Malaysian Ladies are some of the hottest ladies I ever come across..Theres this accountant student in a pharmacy I met just before the mall closes and she had a scarf thing for muslim ladies on her…I just felt in love with her after chatting with her…she looked so naive, sweet and adorable…I could give up leaving in PNG for her even if becoming a muslim…she simply made my stay in Malaysia “a first impression last”…I was thinking of seeing her again but after reading your post…I would be more carefull in talking to her privately…Don’t know if she would love Melanesians but I trully fall for her…

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    Good luck all men out there! It’s hilarious to read how Malaysian girls are generalised in this article. Not taking it to heart. Good reading for a Sunday afternoon. Cheers, be safe.

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    the life to expensive la .. i stay in kedah … northen part of malaysia… KL is a shithole to me lol but yeah guess its fun if you got monney to blow …. dont go to kelantan the rest of the country is pretty much do what you want especialy if ur foreigner .. just know when to leave …. im eurasian …. first gen

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    If you don’t like the country please leave…nobody needs you here asshole! The article must have been written by a chauvinistic Chinese it is so obvious. Malaysia is Malaysia, US is US and China is China…by all means please go back where you come from Chinks. I have not seen any country where they like the Chinese immigrants. They are just like Arabs, the betrayer to other races or nationals..

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    You’re shitting me about Vietnamese girls. Easily the rudest, most aggressive, unsweet girls in all of Asia.

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      First hand experience has told us the complete opposite.

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    Hi guys, I really want to warn you about chinatown, never go there for clubbing, so dangerous, many steals, rubbers, pick pocket and fighters are there, especially the reggae bar, firstly the bouncers are so rude and make you angry to fight with them, after that lots of people attack you and heat you cruelty and finally rub you.
    secondly there is a lots of fighters and rubbers are waiting for you outside. So if you don’t want to ruin yourself keep away from that area.

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    for the guy who posted d article: yeah, i know u just wanna have fun n tell the world about it but i guess there is a better way in doin it, u can say tat all malays or muslims these and that, but the way u posted this article shows how immature u are, u r basically making people who’s not exposed to the outside world on how disrespectful a westerner guy can be, u r just one person, but u ruining it for the others too. people like you who make things as simple as travelling and having fun becoming an issue of religions and races..

    the way you posted obviously shows tat you dont have good religion background or you dont believe in god at all cause people with good religion background be it Islam, Christian, Hindu, or Budhist wont be rude and disrespectful like u, i believe that no matter wut religion u r in, evry religion preaches to do good n not bad…i believe evry religion teaches tat we shud respect other religion as well..n not only d religion tat u believe in..people like u make a peaceful world becomes gruesome. just read through the comments, it should be about travelling n having fun, but all u do n capable of is just making people angry n fight wth each other..

    if you cant get laid then tats ur problem bro, dun blame the malays or d chineseor wutever, gurls r gurls, if u r able to get it done then gud for u, but if u dont, then u dont, wuts the big deal? why is it a problem if an ugly malay gurl refuse to sleep with u? it means tat the gurl tat u tried obviously saw ur true color, which is just gettin laid, she is not stupid for saying no. if people all around the world are free to hv sex y r they not free to not hv sex if they dun want? so if they dun wanna hv a one nite stand then they r just stuck up ugly bitches?? so wut do u call urself?? sex maniac?? even tho im not a muslim, but i clearly understand the reason muslim women covered themselves, which is to protect themselves from people like u..if people all around the world r free to show their skin off, y is it an issue if they wan to cover themselves up???? im a fun person, i like to listen to music n dance, clubbing too ..but even me i feel tat u r just a nasty guy n u didnt sound like u just wanna hv fun n giving tips to other people…but instead u r just nasty, disrespectful and rude

    for me, i just wan to live in a peaceful world, where people dun call each other terrorists, or sex maniac or corrupted westerner or stuck up bithches or boring malays or wutever..u r who u r, people like u is the reason y this stereotyping judgmental crap happened..y cant people just respect each other n live their live the way they wan without having to say nasty thing n judge other people??? so when sumone didnt do wut u like doin then they shud be judged?? people like u who make the world tats supposed to be peaceful becomes a gruesome world full with judgmental people. next time, even if the place u travel to is fucked up, u shud just keep it to urself, different people hv different opinion..n travelers out there, if u wanna travel, dun read crap like this, travelling is all about adventure, when it comes to tat, its wayy fun if u find it out urself, dont listen to anything rude n judgmental like wud u feel if sumone were to talk about ur country the way this guy did?? eish..pray to god so tat people like u wont exist anymore..amen to that.

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    after reading almost of those cimments, I found who’s doesn’t like islam or our countries , doesn’t know anything and only looking for sea scum wich fastly be gone. iraniononly invite u to read deeply what is islam mean u and everyone in the world need islam otherwise idlam no need u. if u dont believe now u believe later when belive can’t help u. anyway hope everyone respect and accept others. maybe u see something u don’t like. but others like it. read and read before talking and judge.

    • Manuel Pfister

      Islam is a barbaric and backwards religion which is really saying something because all religion is generally pretty stupid. Islamic nations are clearly the most backwards places on planet Earth. Get out of here with your praise for islam.

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        If Islam is a backwards religion, people nowadays won’t know what science is, without the Al-Quran. If don’t believe, read it now!!

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          You pathetic piece of shit. Islam was not the only “reason” for flourishing of the science at the time. You Muslim perverts should go to hell.
          An ex-muslim

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    It seems Manuel Pissster, sorry Pfister, and Charlie Bushmeister are one and the same person. Their comments mirror each other so strikingly!

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    Well Charlie love your work and hope that you update this piece soon.Any haters who claim racism are just not well traveled globally and hence won’t understand what you’ve said,forgive their ignorance.

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    You didn’t have any. Horseshit doesn’t count as point.

    • Manuel Pfister

      Come on don’t you want to explain more about how great Malaysian cars are and how Malaysia is actually not a retarded country? Don’t you want to explain that Islam is not actually an exceptionally backward, barbaric and stupid religion even among really stupid religions?

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    Ha ha. That was a retard beyond retard trying his darndest best to not sound like a retard beyond retard. You’re an American with great disdain for America? Wow! Whatever happened to good old redneck American patriotism?

    Dude. Open sewers or no open sewers, we all go through our own development stages. It’s no big deal. The main thing is to keep going forward. So you can just stop shooting your shit-splurging mouth off about them. Dude.

    The only reason guys buy Ford, GM or Chrysler is that they have loads of money to throw around, and they want to show off something American that they own, and they reckon that others admire them purely because of that. And how wrong they are.

    When America slips off its perch as #1 economic power – which will happen by 2025 at the latest – then they’d shit, piss and puke on those useless gas guzzlers that they’d bought out of some misplaced delusion of grandeur.

    • Manuel Pfister

      Keep going you are continuing to prove my point.

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      Dream hunter…you are right, and what do you expect from a nation that voted a retard to office twice? hahah if he was teh best man in Yankee land imagine the rest. Anyways Yankee fell off the top perch long ago. China owns most of American debt and produces all its imports. Yankee Doodle Dandee needs excuses like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon etc to throw his might around.forgets that they got the shit kicked out of them in Vietnam even with chemical weapons and the entire might of redneck thrown at a few poor commies…Yankees…stick to chasing balls around in circles….sums up your crappy country.

  • Dreamhunter

    Meister & Pfister

    Unlimited oil did you say? Naah, if we had that we’d be buying up all your sick & ailing American corporations, like what the Chinese have done with IBM and such. Your good old Uncle Sam has at least 6 times more oil than us, and what have you done with that? Other than feeding it all to your highly inefficient American-made gas guzzlers, and spilling it all over the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific.

    If we soup up that ‘shit’ Proton just a wee bit more, and manage to get it around your horseshit disguised trade barriers, we’d be exporting a million plus of it a year to your country, and hurt sales of your sick GM, Ford and Chrysler even more. That might end up with them retrenching you as their overpaid, underperforming snake oil salesmen, and ya might have to stop thinking about anymore visits to Beach Club and Thai Club to lounge and laze around, fill your pot bellies up with cheap booze and forage for Vietnamese and Thai bush.

    “Open sewers, no infrastructure, horrible poverty and ghettos, extreme income inequality.” Wow! Sounds just like a perfect description of one US city I know. Its name is Baltimore.

    Shithole, did you say? Must be a quite cosy shithole then. Cosy enough for arseholes like ya two to keep coming back to.

    • Manuel Pfister

      You exemplify typical Singaporean/Malaysian retardation. The fact that this blog is largely founded on our disdain and distaste for the US is completely lost on you, very obviously so because you keep insulting the US in an attempt to insult us. Be our guest, we hate the US. Try as you may to make excuses for your own retarded country, Malaysia has way more oil per capita than the US and way more open sewers too (despite their obvious problems, I don’t know of any major US city that has open sewers). Not to mention the proton is not even really a Malaysian car, it’s some shitty Malaysian plastic body work wrapped around a Nissan drive train. The reason the Proton is not sold outside of Malaysia is not because of some grand conspiracy against Malaysia, it’s because nobody wants to buy a Nissan with shitty Malaysian plastic wrapped around it when they can just as easily buy a real Nissan.

      Nice try though, retard.

  • TRUTH…

    Hey do muslim men actually think that their women enjoy being trapped in a burqa their whole life without having any self-identity and without opportunity to be seen as an individual with their own qualities as opposed to just a ‘another person in a black burqa’?

    You guys actually think that your women willingly chooses to live their lives in this way? has it ever occured that they are envious of other girls who dress up and look beautiful? FYI, it is a fact that all humans appreciate beauty in anything (art, people, etc.)

    Stop being so insecure. Allow your women the right to be themselves and do what they really want. Anyone who believes that any person would WILLINGLY want to dress in a burqa is seriously delusional or just simply AFRAID to accept the truth. Look at muslim women in other more liberal societies (those born and raised in America, Iranians women, etc.), do they wear burqas? The answer is NO because they dont want to. Just like how muslim men would not CHOOSE to wear a burqa for the rest of their lives either. NO ONE WOULD.

    And pls do not condemn european women for dressing too skimpily and having many relationships or whatever, they have the two most important things in life; their HAPPY and they are FREE TO DO WHAT THEY WANT.

    Besides, it is better to have a few relationships before actually getting married, at least you have had different experiences and have discovered what type of person is suitable for you. And what is wrong with a say, 1 year relationship that was crazy fun but did not last?

    Just for your info, everybody in this world SHOULD be entitled to BASIC AND FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS,

    1) Right to marry who they want (instead of being forced to marry some stranger)
    2) Liberty (control over THEIR OWN ACTIONS)
    3) Right to due process of law


    You guys think that muslim women have basic rights? being stoned to death for adultery? adultery isnt even a crime in western nations yet they not only get the death penalty, they get TORTURED (stoned to death) in the process.

    Think about it.

  • Dreamhunter

    Loser aye? Lazy aye? But it seems they’re still fairly in good enough control of their country, which is not yet going to the dogs like a certain few countries in EU. And their economy is in no great danger of going off any frekkin fiscal cliff like the US.

    Must be some darn cool bunch of lazy losers, those Malays, ain’t they?

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Pretty easy to have a decent economy when you have unlimited oil coming out of the ocean. Take out Petronas and how successful is the rest of Malaysia?

      You rarely is ever see a piece of shit Proton anywhere else, for example.

      • Manuel Pfister

        Second that. KL is half oil money half shithole – without the oil money it’s just shithole. Open sewers, no infrastructure, horrible poverty and ghettos, extreme income inequality. Absolutely nothing to be proud of or to brag about.

  • Dreamhunter

    Charlie’s first comment about Malays:
    “Frankly speaking the average Malay woman is pretty heinously ugly and retarded to boot, so you’re not really going to be missing much.”

    First he shoots his mouth real fast, then he changes his mind equally as quickly:
    “Correction: I’ve been back to KL a couple times since I wrote this and I have to say I’ve changed my mind about Malay girls. There’s a lot of cute nice Malay girls so I now say go ahead. Just stay away from the ones with headscarves.”
    Like, what happened that made you suddenly change your mind, dude?

    Another flippant observation by the Master of the Bush:
    “Chinese: 25% of the Malaysian population is Malaysian Chinese. The Chinese here get treated like shit by the Malay controlled government and have many legal roadblocks to success, yet due to their work ethic and the Malay laziness and retardation they are the most successful people in KL.”
    Successful or whatever, the Malays were here thousands of years before the Chinese came, Charlie. So, their is no way the Malays are just going to let the Chinese simply take over. The Malays are not going to be like the Native Americans, who didn’t have the means or the strength to resist the total, complete White European subjugation of their land. Work ethics, shmethics or whatever notwithstanding. The Malays were too late to prevent that happening in Singapore, no thanks to the British Empire. But they’re not going to let it happen here in Malaysia. No way. If you just love Chinese bush, Meister, there’s plenty more for you in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Let alone China.

    The way you go on, Master of the Bush, you must be one helluva a superbautiful superhandsome hunk. Which makes one wonder how come you needed to jet all over the world to find wimmen amenable to your wishes. Aaah, maybe the ones in Baltimore don’t find you their cup of tea then. That would be more like it.

    • wanderer

      Dreamhunter, a couple of corrections to your statements.
      (i) The Malays are not the original inhabitants of peninsular Malaysia.
      (ii) What the Americans did to the Native Americans is reminiscent of what the Malays did to the Orang Asli. You stole their land using violence, trickery, and these days, flawed legal justification. So please do not claim any moral superiority. Remember the Malay hero Dato Maharajalela who (along with six other followers) bravely speared British resident James Birch while he was taking a dump by the riverside? He killed Birch because Birch put a stop to their Orang Asli slave trade.
      (iii) Malays are not Arabs, no matter how hard you try to be. You are the genetic descendants of the Chinese, who themselves are the descendants of Indians. The whole Malay race owe their civilizational growth to Indian and Chinese traders. Malaysia owe their independence not to the brave Tunku Abd Rahman who bravely traveled to UK to bravely request independence from the British monarchy and parliament. The British actually offered independence, and it was granted partly because of the ready and experienced Indian civil service already in Malaya.

      Malaysian history books, especially the ones in school, are so full of lies and outright misrepresentation, I am sometimes afraid that the new breed of Malay-Arab wannabes will succeed in rewriting the history of the Malays and Malaysia.

      • Manuel Pfister

        Unfortunately such people [hisotorical revisionists] have succeeded in re-writing history already in many other places, not the least of which would be the US.

    • FirstToArrive

      Hello “dreamhunter” keep hunting “in Your Dreams”

      the malays were not the ones who first to arrive in “Malaysia”, the Indians were the first to arrive and set up civilisation, and called this place “Swarnabumi”, the chinese traders was the second to arrive but did not settle down here until decades later… the Arabs came very very later when tiz continent was already properous, and tricked the Indian Maharaja of Mallacca to Marry his Daughter, Converting him to Muslim, and later changing the title to Sultan, and later the “sultan’s” son forcing the people of Mallacca to Accept Islam or Leave the State, tiz is how malay were born….the name Malay itself comes from an area in Indonesia, the Place is “Malayu Port”….

      GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT…U Malay Racist Scum….

      • Hang Sejarah


        i know, why you said this —>”the malays were not the ones who first to arrive in “Malaysia”, the Indians were the first to arrive and set up civilisation, and called this place “Swarnabumi”

        my answer is, —> Malay people yet before the coming of Islam, their religion was hindu-Buddha. and of course, the name of their kingdom are influenced by their religion on that time. so, why you want to claim that Malay kingdom called as “Suvarnabhumi” which the meaning is ‘The Land Of Gold’ as one of the Indian Kingdom just because of the kingdom’s name? is Hindu just for indian people? other races can’t be Hindu? what type of thinking! and the first King of Malacca was not indian! He is a Malay prince (and of course he is hindu) from srivijaya which come to Malacca and built a great kingdom. and then, when the Muslim Arabians and Indians traders came, he embraced Islam and became a Muslim. he never forced his peoples or followers to embrace Islam. Malay people are very loyal to their King/Sultan. Malay people also are interested to embrace Islam because of the teaching of Islam itself. Islam is not only a religion. it is the guidelines for our lifestyle. it teaches everything, from the beginning to the end of our live. any objection?

  • Dreamhunter

    Manuel & Charlie, I know Persian from Arab, and Arab from Persian. You two guys must be hung up on that Indo-European thing of yours. Just let it go, dudes.

    I lived in UK for 7 years. No Persian and no European, Eastern or Western, Northern or Southern can beat a drop dead gorgeous light skinned Arab woman. I saw one in the Mandarin Oriental some years ago. She must’ve worked as a Promotional maanger or something like that. Your Western European front office manager was simply gawking at her and hopelessly drooling over her. Yep. She was that good.

    I thought about walking up to her and requesting to take a pic of her, for a book cover. Somehow it didn’t feel very original, although it was.

    • Manuel Pfister

      You can keep them.

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Great story dude, you saw a beautiful woman and didn’t talk to her and have been thinking about it for years. You’re quite the Don Juan.

  • riena

    Charlie, dont flatter yourself, we Malaysian actually cant take your bad smells…like fish in the market…we rather mingles with our own three beautiful races. Lol ! so you can safely park yourself in Singapore…who cares anyway? you dont like it here then dont come & you can actually spread news to your own kind in the west coz your species are not welcome here…our own malays, indian & chinese smells & looks the best than you guys !

    • Manuel Pfister

      That’s a pretty hilarious comment. Keep them coming.

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Indians smell better than me? Well, there’s no accounting for taste (or smell).

    • Irony

      @riena… the level of racism is strong with this one. Wow this is how WWII started. What makes you think you are better than anyone else? I am not taking sides, but reading your comment gave all the kids in Africa cancer.

  • Dreamhunter

    Apparently, some guys – whether honestly or out of nationalistic-chauvinistic patriotism – mistakenly equate Western, or European, with best or prettiest. You guys should go for an easy stroll around Bukit Bintang or KLCC some time. I’m not being pro-Arab, but many of the light skinned Arab ladies are prettier – in face as well as body shape – than the white Euros or Americans by more than a mile. Just cos they’re not available to you does not make them less pretty that the ones that you could get.

    While some Asian guys, guess who, try to pass off the light skin of their females as ‘beauty’, when their arses and boobs are completely flat and formless, their legs bowed, their eyes hopelessly slanted, and their faces nothing to shout about. Dudes, beauty is not just about skin tone and complexion. It also includes face shape, body shape, eye shape and expression, and body symmetry.

    • Manuel Pfister

      They are Persian not Arab and yes some are hot but no they are not hotter than Eastern Europeans although many may be comparable.

      • Charlie Bushmeister

        This is 100% accurate. Love the Eastern European girls, love the Persian girls too.

  • Dreamhunter

    Charlie has a problem getting laid back home. So he has to jet half way around the world every time he wants an easy bang. So he vents off on all the so called girls who purportedly ain’t his cup of tea, or more likely to whom he ain’t their cup of tea. Poor old Bushmeister.

    • Manuel Pfister

      Yes because when a [comparatively] wealthy foreigner travels the world clearly the place with the highest number of girls that will reject him is Malaysia. LOL! No, as clearly stated, Charlie’s biggest problem with Malaysia is the high retardation level, not the women.

  • Cosmic Psycho

    Beach bar is a great place to party at but 80% of the girls are pigs. Word of warning though, stay away from the numerous Russian or Ukrainian bitches that now frequent the bar, they are BAD news! The Thai bar opposite was much better value and the girls were nicer.

  • goh

    oh. another western reject ranting. I feel so so sorry for you. Send me you address, I’d buy you a mirror. :)

  • olsen72

    I have been staying here for some time now and what some commenter said is true. 1Malaysia concept is just a brainwash for Malaysians by the current govt. Each race hate each other but its the law that need to be blamed for and who did it ,its the Malays and when ,during the former Prime Minister Mahtir. He is a blessing as well as a curse to the country.He made quotas for university admission by percentage for the three main races.The least I observed is for Indians and the highest is for Malays. Entering business field, I was told I MUST employ 2 Malays and they work while in their own world and most times, a work that can be done just like that requires a few times for it to be done.This is Malays.To see their efficiency ,see all the Malay dominated companies such as TM and Pos Mysia.Malay woman are extremely social and don’t bother bout their veil,try talking to them.They will be shy and that broken English with a struggle is also cute.They love foreigners and yes,they love sex like blacks! One drawback is they don’t go out to just catch some fun but they always some hidden agenda in their mind and that is how can they marry you(if you are a foreigner) They love mix kids as mix kids means their children will be a celebrity in the local industry like most of their artiste today who are mostly mixed.They will marry the rich and with tittles and so to them,marrying a white means,catching a big fish! And of course, one of the hidden agenda when you go out with them is to make you say Yes! and circumstance your dick as a sign that you have embraced their religion. Worst thing IS ,the kid will be named in Malay an classified as Muslim in their BC and brought up in that way and not like most countries where the kid can decide his religion when he is 18.So if you want to go out with these girls, know what you want to avoid confusion for both.

    So how about Chinese? Have you been to apartments looking for rooms or house for rent? Have you been to job interviews in banks and some reputable companies? If you have experienced both ,you can easily see there’s one thing that can make you fed up if you are not Chinese.Also if you have watched all/most of the tv commercials ,you will understand where I am coming to. All these 3 have one major requirement that don’t give room for others and it is “Prefer Chinese” ,able to speak mandarin / Cantonese , and for modelling : Prefer Chinese female.Once they are successful ,they will only share it and help within their own people to grow.About dating them or getting them laid, their just east to get and their everywhere,from Malls to clubs. But one advice, they have the tendency to be Pinoy babes.Hot and dangerous,they can rip you off.It will start from moving into your apartment,then your car then a fixed saving account for “both” then using credit card with your cash in it for all their expenses and loans! But you will also find good ones which are most of the times originates from outer rim of KL. One thing that makes them the most sought after is because ,their easy to get and their equal in mindset to the westerns.Like many said here, Chinese is the skinniest one I can say and their so obsessed to personal grooming. They spend thousands in body slimming and spas to look good and most often ,they can be seen running and walking in many parks.

    Needless to say if they are or aren’t racist and how about Indians? Yes they will be too but not yet,Since their still struggling within their people to get citizenship and higher education,they have more anger over the Malays than the hate feeling.Former Prime Minister Dr.Mahtir gave 1 million blue IC /citizenship to immigrants from Philippines and Indonesia in Sabah & Sarawak yet there’s a huge number of Indians and Chinese having red IC’s and some without Citizenship and they are whom born here and having the birth certificate with parents from Malaysia.So do you expect the Indians here to hail the Malays for doing it.Besides, why won’t they hate the other races when being the most poor and least percentage in Malaysia,you don’t get admissions in Universities and when they have to go to private,they become drop outs as the family couldn’t support them till they get their loans. These is one funny race that their the one to blame for their poverty as most of the big businessman in Malaysia is mostly the Indians,from Air Asia to Maxis but their younger generation still struggles.Like Charles said , Yes ,most of the woman are fat as all most of their food culture is filled fat and like most Asian,they too don’t exercise! Marrying or dating this race is one world wonder as they stick within their race too much and interracial marriage is not that common like in the UK or US or Africa as the Indian girls here are hard to get.You may find them in clubs but when it comes to going out ,they seek advice from their close friends and siblings.Indian man are also so obsessed with their ladies that they give awkward look when their out with a foreigner. There are many beautiful Indian girls but sadly the majority I saw in Thaipusam in Batu Caves weren’t that pleasing but when I was in one small remote area called Sungai Seput for Thaipusam,I have to say ,their so colorful and thanks to my Indian mate!I did see young girls who are very beautiful,in their colourful gowns and a little chubby. If you want to date these woman,you should be ready to join all the celebration they have as they feel offended when you don’t and don’t expect them to be like chinese woman in setting the trend as these woman spend most of their money for their families and and paying of their debts so grooming is not their priority.

    All races and religions have their pros and cons,its up to us to choose so be wise and don’t blame the others for your mistake.Everything I wrote is from my experience and information I gathered through various sources.I have slept with many Malays,with and without veil! , and dated a few Chinese,couldn’t get Indians and if I do,that will be exotic meat.

    • Hang Sejarah

      did you learn mathematics?

      for example,

      remember, ‘bumiputera’ are not only the Malays, there are also the natives of Sabah and Sarawak and the orang Asli.
      so, who should get the highest percentage of quotas?

      mathematics please!

  • Aussie Legend

    You need some Jagermeister up ya bushmeister ya fucking muppet…Go Aussies!!!

    • jahn nz

      hi ,dear aussie legend
      i m sorry for the comment ,i think that you scare of me to catch up one of your family members,so i can understand that why you are upset so please forgive me for that .regards jahn new zealand