Why you should take the time to learn languages and the Cyrillic alphabet

Foreign Languages

Although I find El Matador’s post on languages highly entertaining and a better policy than not learning foreign languages at all, I think it’s better to learn them right. You don’t need to be a master linguist but the simple fact is, in most of the travel destinations we recommend people really, really appreciate the effort to learn even of the most basic of phrases. It is a way of showing respect and interest in the culture and customs of the country. There is no better way to dissociate yourself from the typical douchebag western tourist. … [Read more]

How to spot a ladyboy


This one is going to be short and sweet but I think this is something every traveler to Thailand and perhaps other Southeast Asian destinations needs to know.

The only real dead giveaway is the Adams apple… however that can be surgically removed so you can’t depend on this one alone. Absent an Adams apple, check out the following features:

1. Voice – many ladyboys have an awful sounding masculine voice (think Borat doing his impression of his wife).
2. Facial structure – many ladyboys have something that just doesn’t look quite right about their facial structure, sometimes the face just looks a bit masculine, sometimes it just looks weird in some way you … [Read more]

Wet Your Whistle at the Right Watering Hole

A Bar

So boys, it’s been a pretty amazing day!  You spent the afternoon at the coffee shop here in Buenos Aires relaxing and getting the phone numbers of some delicious mamacitas and setting up dates for later in the week, and now it’s time to go out with the boys and get into trouble at the bar.  But there’s such a bevy of options on the main bar drag, so how do you choose one?  The girls are out tonight and they want to meet some cool dudes like you but you need to make sure that where you go is the right place.  You can’t just go anywhere and have great success at the bar or club.  Many … [Read more]

Austin Texas, Part 2 - Everything but 6th Street

Texas BBQ

So in a previous article I provided the go-to single dude guide to Austin’s famous Sixth Street.  But there’s a lot more going on in Austin, so without further ado here are some other good things to check out.

The best regular Monday night event I have found in America is DK Sushi Karaoke.  DK has been doing the weekly karaoke for years and it is super fun.  It involves singing, a gong, DK drinking a sake bomb with every singer, (along with the nightly “designated drinker”, and everyone getting hammered and having a great time.  DK is a straight shooter, but his life philosophy is right on.  He makes offensive jokes and lift up girls’ skirts, and … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Riga, Latvia


Riga, Latvia is definitely one of my top five favorite single dude travel destinations. While only slightly more expensive than most other Eastern European countries it offers a lot more class and beauty (if you stay in the old downtown). Think Prague and Zagreb as opposed to Sofia. You can expect a plethora of hot, classy, intelligent Eastern European women and an outstanding selection of bars of clubs.

Riga is definitely a place where you should stay in an apartment near the center of town. Charlie and I were able to rent a two bedroom apartment right smack in the middle of all the action for 35 EUR per night. We also took our time to really … [Read more]

Love at First Sight and the 60 Second Rule

love at first sight

So I’m not really what most people would consider a romantic dude.  I have plenty of detractors who accuse me of having no emotions and I am outspoken in my opposition to what a  traditional American girl would consider romantic things, like diamond rings, monagamy, etc.  I think that life is a numbers game and one should date as much as possible to find out what one really wants.

But there’s one romantic thing that I do believe in and that is: love at first sight.  Crazy right?  But it’s true that in my extensive field research, here’s my observation: close to every time in my life I’ve met a girl that I’ve really gotten along … [Read more]

hotchickswithdouchebags.com Submission

Bulgarus Douchebagus Fashionistas Faggus

Dear Fellow Douchebag Enthusiast,

I would like to submit the attached for your consideration for inclusion in your outstanding collection. This is a rare species hailing from the Balkan state of Bulgaria. Commonly referred to locally as ubitak (убитак), official Latin classification: Bulgarus Douchebagus Fashionistas Faggus. This species refuses to mate in captivity or anywhere else for that matter. It is a genetic mutation only produced by inbreeding the common mutra (мутра), official Latin classification: Bulgarus Fattus Baldus Noneckus Mafias Dumbassus Douchebagus.

Please accept this photograph as our gift to you. If you have any interest in obtaining a live specimen please contact me at your … [Read more]

The Single Dude's Guide to Suzhou, China

Li Gong Di

China.  Land of Mao, Yao Ming, Confucius, Jackie Chan, and roughly a billion more and counting.  I do admit, it took us at Single Dude Travel a long time before we sent our our fist scout team to China, but I finally packed off for a couple months in China and have had very promising results to report so far.

First I need to disclaim that this article only refers to Shuzhou, China. Suzhou is a city of about 8,000,000 about 2 hours drive from Shanghai. I’m sure there are many places in China that are radically different just like you might notice some minor differences between say… Detroit and Beverly Hills.

Suzhou, China is a very good single … [Read more]

Friday Haiku Corner with ¡Raul! Vol. 11


So I’m back bitches
Did you all miss me a lot?
Everybody does.

Hipsters are the worst.
Lame tattoos. Lame hair. Lame ‘stash.
Everything is lame.

“Baka laka dak”
That means you are a pussy
For hiding your chicks.

Do something with life
Don’t let the chicks pass you by
The gravy train ends…

Your new career: You are a fashion photographer!

Fashion Model

You’re a photographer, got it? Few occupations pull as much quality booty as this job title. Go ahead, have cool business cards made up declaring as much. There’s nobody stopping you. You’re not required to have any kind of training or license to be called a photographer. Just get a cool camera, learn to use it and start taking pictures of girls. Now that digital cameras have taken over the field, you don’t even have to have a darkroom full of silver nitrate, expensive equipment and other unwieldy chemicals anymore. Those barriers have vanished. Remember when I remarked that travels with a purpose and a mission is for more compelling to women you meet on your journeys? … [Read more]