American Girls Suck!

American girls suck!

The more I have traveled the world and seen what it has to offer to more I have realized that the average American woman is shockingly low in quality.  Why?  Let me count the ways.

The average American woman is the worst woman in the world. She’s fat. Really fat.  Or she’s too skinny because of her eating disorders.  She has terrible fashion sense and walks around in public like a slob with sweatpants and no makeup.  I mean come on girls, is the airport really the right place for your stupid slumber party?  I had an American girl come over for dinner for our second date last year wearing sweats – and not even well fitting sweats, but a XXL sweatshirt, baggy jeans and no makeup whatsoever.

She said to me that night, “I don’t care what I look like.”

I said, “I care what you look like.”

And that was pretty much the end of that.  Dessert was canceled.

American women also have the most unattractive feeling of self-entitlement.  The difference between how hot a girl thinks she is and how quality she actually is is huge in America.  What American guy hasn’t had the experience of being in a bar and approaching a marginally attractive girl and tried to say hi to her only to have her be extremely rude for no good reason?  Who doesn’t know some poor schmuck who was forced into marriage by some “princess” who refused sex until she got a ring? Or some nice decent looking guy who gets totally led around by the balls by some ugly mastodon?   A personal side story, my best friend was dating a girl for less than six months when she pressured him into getting married that summer. Why?  Because her parents and sister got married on the same date in years previous and it just so happened that that date was on a Saturday that year.  Needless to say she turned out to be completely crazy and they divorced a couple years later but only after she took 100K of his money even though they had no kids and she didn’t work when they were married.

And they are morons!  Girls in America are often so staggeringly stupid it just makes me want to shoot myself listening to them talk. Ever listened to couple of 18 year old American girls talk to each other?  They are just retarded.   Hot chicks in America have been conditioned to think that nothing is required of them other than being hot, rampant stupidity is the result.

Here’s a classic example of a stupid hot American girl:

The part of this I find the most disgraceful is not the pathetic attempt to sound non-retarded by that Litttle Miss Einstein but the question itself: 20% of Americans can’t find America on map!  What the fuck?  And this is not a joke.  One thing you find when you travel is that Americans are some of the stupidest people you will ever meet.

Here’s another of my personal favorites:

American girls make terrible girlfriends and wives.  Just watch sitcoms and you’ll get the idea of how our society is training our women to treat us. Your typical sitcom is about some poor henpecked bumbling husband who is always getting bitched at by their wife for going out with their buddies.  It’s a good situation for the women.  American guys in general treat women very well because we our spirits have been so thoroughly so crushed by our horrible women.  And the shit that we let them say to us in incredible.

“You don’t respect me.”

“You embarrass me in public.”

“Why can’t you get along with my mother?”

“How come you’d rather hang out with your friends than stay at home with me and watch The Hills?”

“I have a headache.”

“Why do you like stupid football?”

“No you can’t spend the money you earned on a new HDTV, I’m going to spend your money on some clothes that I’m too fat to wear 85% of the time.”
“Fuck you, bitch!”

It’s really us that deserve the blame.  Too many American, English and Western European girls have been coddled and their horrible self entitled behavior accommodated over the generations. They were given way more than they deserved.  It doesn’t really matter if an American girl is kind of ugly, fat, stupid and mean, some poor slob will take her out, be nice to her and buy her a bunch of shit in the faint hope that she will have sex with him. My heart always breaks when I’m out at Walmart buying some cheap Chinese shit and and I see some overweight pizza face Jabba the Slut leading around some poor dude like a lost puppy dog while she puts a bunch of Twinkies in the cart. Or when I see some poor bastard shelling out for an overpriced restaurant only to watch some mediocre girl spend the whole time staring at her Crackberry.  Or when some loser marries a heifer who held sex over his head until she got some stupid worthless (but expensive) diamond ring. So guys, by putting up with this bullshit we have earned what we have.

Single Dude Travel is adamant on this issue: It doesn’t have to be this way.  Don’t settle for mediocre American girls.

Now before you get all pissed off at that absurd generalization, I will say that of course, America is a huge country with over 300 million people in it and there are plenty of good American girls out there.  Some of our favorite girlfriends have been American, but they were the rare exception to the rule and not the norm. Your odds in America of finding a quality woman are very bad these days and only getting worse.

This is one of the reasons that we travel.  There is another whole world out there of gorgeous, thin, super nice, brilliant, successful, motivated girls who would love to be with you, and we want to help you find them and live happily ever after.  Or just for tonight, it’s your call.  But you have to leave America.  You have to travel.

When you travel, you’ll see how big the difference really is.  Don’t accept the American bill of sale for relationships.  The world can be a paradise if you do it right. We’ve been doing this for several years and have learned lots of great tricks of the trade that we will pass on to you.  We’ll cover lots of other places in the world and tell you where to go, where to stay, and even maybe how to find the love of your life.  We’ll also give you some tips on how to be the best person you can be, because let’s face it, there’s a lot more to life than just women.

Graphical Representation of Miss South Carolina's Thought Process

Graphical Representation of Miss South Carolina's Thought Process

  • Toronto chick

    Ok… a female from Canada and im in stitches right now reading this, incredibly well written (although i must say its been a long time since I burst out laughing from something so funny. And I am kind of conservative, gee I would be scared to be evaluated by you! Lol. I could only hope you wouldnt be so harsh, (cringe) lol.
    Im married, and 45, not fat, wear make up, nice clothes, long dark hair, Canadian, with Italian immigrant parents…and im sure you can could up with a few things to say! I find it very humourous and fun, (although still insulting to women) I can laugh my head off still while giving me a great male perspective.
    Anything on Italian women?
    How about Canadian women?
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Sent your link to my BFF, a male friend who will find this funny as well.
    My 2 cents is that women where im from (Toronto, Canada) are unfriendly, spiteful, frenemy, competitive bitches amongst themselves.
    Where is the best country for a female friend if you are female?

    • Manuel

      You seem just fine. I mean you pretty much have to be if you’re not cursing us and wishing death upon us like the average American chick would just for pointing out the obvious. Can’t speak for everyone else but I always found
      southern Italian chicks quite nice. We don’t have much experience with
      Canada having long abandon North America (except for Mexico).

  • T. Storla

    I married a lady from Thailand and I am not worried at all about her becoming tainted with western style feminism since one thing we both have in common is a desire to live our lives in Thailand. We work together as partners and have been for more than a decade now. Her family accepts me fully as a member of the family and it is not because of money since we do not sent them any. They have a home and lives of their own.

  • Dan Dan

    Women in the United States of America have no clue that there is a difference between being “empowered” and that of just being a down right “bitch”. A lot of what they think, say, and do is based on stereotyping, hate, brainwashing, selfishness, greed, and the big D word “Delusional”. Of course an American woman reading this will retaliate by throwing the cliche’ comebacks such as “are you afraid of an empowered strong woman?” or “You’re just mad because your penis is small.” Ha Ha Ha Well I am not afraid of an empowered strong woman BUT I am afraid and even terrified of your average US Selfish Arrogant Delusional psychopath. Most US woman are what you call “Professional Victims” in which they are not victims at all but constantly pretend to be. In their minds they live in a Lifetime Movie of the week. And usually your cliche’ American boy goes along with it hoping to get into her pants when she lies to get him to beat some poor innocent X up, because he dumped her when she drained his wallet. Woman in the USA are not half as smart as they think they are. In fact these angry, bitter, stuck on themselves creatures are monsters. Selfish, arrogant, game playing gold digging soulless monsters. And usually the men they end up with are also shallow brainless lumps.

  • Sugarsail

    American culture and the rising global culture have been poisoned by two major movements. One, is feminism, which has led to guilt-ridden emasculated males and henpecking entitled egocentric materialistic women. The other is puritan Christianity, which has led to subconscious guilt and prudery regarding sex, and an over valuation of marriage driven by romanticism, financial security, and stigmas of being an old maid combined with the stigma of illegitimate children. The combination of the two is toxic to healthy relationships.

  • Mike

    It’s just as bad in the UK believe me. 50% of the women here of dating age are quite overweight and do nothing about it at all. “I’m curvy”, “voluptuous” blah blah blah. The ones who are physically attractive are so up themselves it’s untrue. Then the girls that actually you might think are attractive seem to want to chase after the obnoxious, loutish pricks and the ones that aren’t doing this are waiting for “the one”. It’s actually quite shocking what I have seen my friends settle for in order to not be alone.
    I had two attempts at dating English girls recently (after swearing off them for several years) – one girl my “friends” convinced me to try was quite overweight and had appallng stained crooked teeth. Jesus – try and do something about at least one of these things! That’s all I ask! I’ve spent a goodly amount of time and money on sorting out my own teeth and I weight train and run regularly so why would I think someone who doesn’t do either would be a good match?!?
    Then the other I met on my own. I thought I’d hit the jackpot – slim, quite pretty but not intimidatingly so and intelligent. Unfortunately because I didn’t treat her like shit or something she decided it “wasn’t going anywhere”. Well, let’s see if she’s so picky when she moves into her late thirties and gravity along with a dip in hormones starts to take serious hold. Yes, I saw not a few grey hairs but was too polite to mention it.
    I overheard some married friends trying to set a friend of mine up. He’s a nice fellow, intelligent and quite good looking but a bit shy. “I’ve got a recently divorced female friend you might like … she’s in her early thirties and she’s looking for a good, reliable man” Ooohh I see how this works. She spent her twenties when she was at her head turning hottest fucking some rich, obnoxious arsehole and lying on a beach in the Maldives in a string bikini. Now she’s found out he was screwing some eighteen year old work experience slut she’s got a divorce, an expanding arse and sagging tits and would like to get Mr Average doormat to treat her like a princess.
    If you want my advice try and date an Eastern European – they are generally better looking, slimmer and are better educated. But get in there fast my friends because they are starting to realise in a country full of fat pigs they are a long way ahead of the local fauna.

  • Anna

    Americans in general are pretty basic, both men and women. Even educated, most lack culture, aren’t well traveled and stick to steak and potatoes/ burgers/hot dogs, listen to “pop” music, etc
    I myself married an American and when I told my hubby that I expect our children to be at least tri-lingual, start traveling at a young age, excel at a sport (other than US football or baseball), learn a musical instrument, eat healthy, start helping out in the house young and be pushed to excellence, he was horrified and his answer was “kids should just have fun” or “it’s wrong to force kids to do things they don’t want to”.
    In other words, American men are just as simple as their female compatriots and are bound to raise the same type of offspring (unless they marry a foreign wife that will be redirecting the upbringing on the right path).
    The problem isn’t with American women, but with the entire country’s culture (or lack off) and American men help raise their little girls into what you just described.

    • Proudly Unaffiliated

      I don’t care what nationality you are, how good think you look or how great you want your kids to be. Your poor husband is an excellent example of how so many men screw up– they end up with a demanding woman to run their lives into the ground and this becomes most clear AFTER the kids are here. I had one try (so happened to be foreign, like you perhaps) and it was a disaster, mainly for the kids. But I thank the good Lord every day I am no longer with that basket case of a woman.

    • Michael

      Anna if my GF said what you just said I would ask her to marry me “now”. On average most American men feel the same way you do, You must have found a rare one that doesn’t. The USA for the most part has high quality men that’s why our women are so picky because finding a decent man Is easy. Men have to work hard at dating even average looking women.
      I call it the Bird Of Paradise Syndrome: The large beautifully color male does this elaborate dance while competing with other male birds to get sex from a small drab brown female bird… this sums up the US dating scene nicely…

  • goo-goo-gaa-gaa

    Yes! Very true! Eat American pussay.

  • Arnie Jonassen

    I am American and I can tell you that a lot of what he says is completely true.

  • fuckthisguy

    you can tell the guy who wrote this is a real piece of shit. you think american girls have this sense of self entitlement but here you are complaining about how none of them meet your standards. I see so many men who have let themselves go and put no effort into anything it’s about equal. I’d much rather meet a sexy romantic European man. Here you are calling women all kinds of immature names and making gross generalizations.

    • Jason Row

      All I read was “MOOOOO”

      • Mingoder

        I read mooooooooooooooo mooooo moooooooooooooooooooo :-P

  • We will take ur american girls if u dont want them

    Lol this slash piece. I live in Vancouver, Canada and every long weekend you will see party buses come up from the University of Washington and other WA schools to drink and party in Vancouver because you only have to be 19 here not 21 to drink.

    I meet and bang these girls all the time and they are awesome! None of them are fat, all of them are cheerleader looking and while yeah some of them are completely retarded when it comes to knowledge of things that aren’t American centric that’s not what I’m thinking about when I’m screwing a Univ of WA cheerleader in a hotel on Granville St after partying all night in a club.

    The black girls from the US are also in high demand here, since there are no black girls. A sexy looking black girl will receive nothing but guys falling all over her in a nightclub up here.

    • don

      Good for you and Rob Ford, fella.

    • http://QQ John P Stormont

      well – basically this article is pretty spot on. I would certainly expect any American girl who read it to be pissed and claim that 1) it isn’t true 2) you fuck foreign girls because that’s all you can get 3) etc., etc. blah blah but actually, how many of you men have even travelled to Asia or South America ? I can tell you that the women there are very nice, neat and clean and very pretty and very receptive to American men. And very rewarding to men who treat them well. They still love to flaunt it, tight jeans and heels etc. As for banging all the American College chicks = it’s quite a different situation when they come to your country to party. They’ll fuck any foreigner before they’ll fuck an American. Just like the faithful housewife who will positively take it anywhere and do anything for the Pool Boy but wouldn’t suck her husband’s dick to save the world. Get out there and travel a bit. Drop a couple hundred in a Hong Kong bar. If you’re halfway smart, you’ll be grinning for a week.

  • Thai

    Yeah bud,, Love is an ILLUSION…. How many times have you looked into the beautiful eyes of one of these airhead American bitches THINKING that you know what she is thinking, which just turns out to be totally wrong!!! All they care about is running to the bad, acting like a GUY, (drinking, smoking, swearing, f*ckng just anyone they meet that they consider bad or cool,) They all think they are ” Baaad ASssesss” (in a stupid valley girl voice) Also, do you ever notice when girls who dont know each other that well usually will start cat fights or arguin? It is usually about whos is the Baddest, or Coolest or whatever, trying to outdue each other on being the most BADASS< and that causes fighting.. Its never over "who went to church the most times last week" , Or "who visits and helps their elderly relatives more.." Lol They are ALLL GARBAGEEE!! We need to all WAKE UP ! We treat them like princesses to get some sex, THEN we DONT get it because we are nice, AND we are building them up for all the wrong reasons!! Next thing, they are walking the streets with a Self confidence of being wanted by all the guys, like some princess!! Stop giving them the time of day!! lol

    • don

      When I read crap like this, I’m glad I have acne scars and women find me revolting.

    • Michael

      Thai I agree with my man, but nothing is going to chance in the USA, why? because the Male / Female ratios here favor women. Now don’t believe the bull you read about USA having 51% women 49% men this applies to everyone 18-64.
      How many people on this forum date women 45 +. Here is the true M / F ratios in the USA, read them and weep:

  • Pattaya,Thailand

    Stereotype… LOL!!

  • sim

    American women usually likes bad boys thinking that they have bigger penises and that it is much more fun. When they realize the truth, it is too late, they are single fat ugly mothers and the ex is a looser who works low paying job so she is not even getting child support. It is pretty funny.

    • don

      You ought to learn sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

  • kent harris

    I went out with this girl last night and I had a good time. She on the other hand felt we were at separate phases in our life and she didn’t want to see me again. One date and that is it. Women in America are too spoiled and fickle.

  • Telling The Truth

    american women are so full of themselves today since they are the absolute worse women to meet, and many of them have such an attitude problem and play very hard to get. certainly not worth the time of day.

  • Proudly Unaffiliated

    Great article! To further help the Dudes out, here is the beginnings of a “crazy” list. All these traits were observed while dating American women.

    Feel free to add to the list, this is only a start.

    Indications of Crazy

    1. Owns more than 2 cats.
    2. Does not have a job and has not had a job for a long time.
    3. Leaves long voice mails.
    4. Writes long emails.
    5. Drinks too much or smokes dope too much.
    6. Says or implies she is into wiccan/witchcraft, possibly even claiming to be a “good” witch.
    7. Always having little accidents and disasters, most of which seems self-created.
    8. Has crazy or mean family members, esp. one or both parents.
    9. Complains a lot about normal things in life (neighbors, store clerks, waitresses, etc.).
    10. Seems to often need/ask for help doing things she could have done herself.
    11. Is superficially pleasant and apparently happy but is actually has darkness and discontent inside.

  • Anti Feminist

    I love reading these comment and stories about men who travel out of the West to find better women than the American women. From my 15 years of experience dating in the West, I’d say the majority of the Western women are the worst kinds of women to date, have a relationship with, and even to marry! No decent guy wants a spoiled, self-centered, self-entitled, ignorant, lying, unapproachable, narcissistic bitch, which is the majority of women you’re going to find in the West. Gentlemen, it’s time you grab your balls, stop fucking around with these feminized cunt bags in the West, get yourself a passport and get the fark out of the West and start going to foreign countries to date better, nicer, beautiful and higher quality foreign women! Let these Western delusional women be single for the rest of their miserable lives with their 10 cats! I rest my case! =D

  • SeriouslySpeaking

    where in the world are the REAL LADIES like we had years ago?

    • Deb Spiv

      I hear you! I am a white woman. I am a masters student from Maryland in California attending a large state university. Every day I see the dumbest s#$% imaginable (online and on campus). I am very fortunate to have a strong boyfriend (from the Midwest) who respects and checks me. Although I don’t agree entirely with this post, I do agree that a large portion (70%+) of American women (and men!) under 30-35 are completely worthless. You either meet an egotistical prick or a hapless drug user. With that said, I breach ground. I believe our governmental path has led us to this state. It’s not really any one individual’s fault but It is time to make crucial changes. First, a useful herb needs to be legalized nationwide. Our paper, drug and fuel economies could be revolutionized creating nationwide stimulus creating uber jobs plus thousands of martyred prisoners could be released. Hearst is dead, the newspaper industry is already a Dodo bird, forestry should only be used for fire prevention uses at this point. How many celebrities have been caught, sent through some BS rehab and released? Money talks in the US of A. How does that create common aspirations? Number two, “Illegal aliens” should be accepted as citizens, and taxed! Problem solved capitol hill numb nuts. Finally, what the F? are we to do about our judicial system? TM’s killer walks while a mother who harmed none rots in prison? Police officers spend 90% of their time on paperwork, bureaucracy & in divorce court because their wives cheated on them. This country is swiftly falling apart. No old time Christianity or Judaism will work, Comic-con and Scientology are laughable, certainly not our future, we are all just bugs man. We are tiny specks on a tiny dot in a tiny part of the universe, just be happy to be here and have fun! :)

      • Buckofama

        Your brainwashed views are part of what is wrong with American women

      • Michael

        Deb Your BF needs to “check” you more often… After experiencing the soul crashing US dating scene I don’t blame men for using drugs, they need them to feel good because there women aren’t. Roughly 20% of the men here might be this looser type you describe. but at least half the women in this country have some serious entitlement issues, resulting for too many quality men to choose from and that’s being very generous…
        Most Foreign women I talk to are amazed at the quality of USA men and feel USA women are very lucky to have so many well earning, nice and decent men in one country….
        Oh yeah Deb, How is making millions of Low IQ Mexicans whom take more in social services then they pay in taxes legal going to help this country ???

  • Porcupine Glenn

    Look at how American men are responding to this mess: “Pick up artistry“, classes, online forums, groups, curriculum on *how to deal with American women*. It is absolute insanity. We have to completely change ourselves and our “approach” to women to have even a fair shake at getting their attention. We have to become “assholes“, who are “cocky/funny”. Much of this interaction is painfully shallow and transparent (but appears to work, in some cases).

    As if the mental illness rates aren’t high enough in this country, I expect this level of psychosis and dysfunction to send them up even higher, as men try this method of madness, fail or even reach some success, but ultimately crack under the pressure.

    I just went on a date… The 20 year-old talked about herself 95% of the time, sucking the air out of the room; I wondered if she would pass out from not taking a breath. The girl not only didn’t offer to pay, she did not even offer a “thank you” for the dinner and movie. She also didn’t say a word to me the next day, until I got upset and sent her a message online. Needless to say, that’s over, but it’s far too often the “norm”. You just expect it. You expect a lousy date, no connection, the girl to basically just “use” you and seem only mildly interested in being there (and this girl would be considered a 7 at best). I’m 32, 5’11”, White, fit and normal looking. I’m average or above-average in looks, but is that even enough anymore?

    Many decent men out there want the passion, connection that makes women wonderful. You won’t find that in the U.S. It is devastating, and I think it’s depressing a lot of men out there. Romance is certainly completely dead here.

    • Flymagnet

      Hey Glenn, good comment – most young guys in the west are experiencing the same (I’m a 60 yo aussie bloke so I’ve watched it all happen). In a recent study at a popular dating website service the women seeking men rated over 75% of the men as “below or way below average” attractiveness. The men (I recall) rated around 50% of the women as above/below. You are exactly right about the modern girl having unrealistic expectations and being self obsessed. Even being with a woman these days is a health and wealth hazard due to the rad-feminist penetration of key institutions in society.

      The driving behavioural forces behind this behaviour is feminist ideology and female hypergamy <– for a great intro to this concept go to youtube and see video's by Sandman or Baa Baa or ManWomanMyth. In terms of foreign women, been there done that… last one was a Thai girl which lasted about 3 years. My view? There's gem's everywhere, even on home turf but the rest are princesses which turn into monsters in the end. Don't be fooled by the culture gap, it all equalizes in the end. Why not go your own way, develop your own self, health, wealth with the occasional raid into femme land for fun (with protections) and if you run into that special one then great! You hit the jackpot. I know it's hard to picture life without a woman chewing your ear out but tbh the risks have become way, way too great.
      Good Luck mate!

  • Rebecca

    It’s a damn shame that these bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. Though this article isn’t 100% true, it does give a good idea of how others may view us. Like a previous comment stated, I hope this article serves as a wake-up call for the “ladies” that it describes.

    • Marcos Tarquinio Simao

      im living in california for two years , i came from south america (brazil) to work in a tech company so i consider myself an inteliigent person with a high educational level, i cant find a girl here , most of girls are racist , materialists and have a bad mood , poor education and very superficial. its hard to make friends too. A great disappointment , i came from a culture that the girls are nice to you , are very good looking and they fall in love even if you’re not rich. i tried everything , online sites the girls dont even reply , what’s wrong with women here? im no superman but im not trash too.

      • Justin

        You’re not alone Marcos, plenty of intelligent and successful guys in your shoes. Check out and read Winston Wu’s book. Start looking abroad, you won’t regret it.

  • RB

    Amen brother… this is SPOT on with my life experience as well.

  • Ashley

    Are you sure that your perception of foreign women is not just a stereotype?

    • Manuel Pfister

      “Stereotypes” are stereotypes because they are true a huge percentage of the time not because they are not. Stereotypes are really just handy rules of thumb that you can rely on being true more often then not. Whiny, pussy liberals that complain about everything have unfortunately turned stereotype into a dirty word. It’s not, it’s just something you observe about something else that’s true most of them time.

  • David

    just found this site and have to say i disagree with alot of stuff first im a male from the uk and i find amrican girls so sexy everything from the way they look to their vouce everything i find girls in the uk some not all to be bitchy have dusqusting habbits etc american girls all the way for me

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Well, you’re young and you don’t know anything yet. You’ll see what I mean in time.

      • lovelygirljones

        “Well, you’re young and you don’t know anything yet.”
        Who said being young had anything to do with ignorance? I think experience differs depending on who you are and what kind of environment you are raised in.

    • Pay_Lay_Ale


      Do you live in the US or the UK? US and UK women are very similar.

      There are some sexy American women, no doubt. But the issue is that on a scale from 1-10, 3’s and 4’s think they’re 6-7, 6’s and 7’s think they’re 9’s. And the 8 and 9’s think they’re all 10’s. IMAO, the only women that are a 10 are those who are royalty or obscenely wealthy. What is essentially happening in the US is a form of polyandry and polygamy with regular law-abiding, hard-working, average men being treated like trash.

      • Charlie Bushmeister

        And that English royalty is pretty inbred, I wouldn’t put them anywhere near 10. never understood what the BFD was with Princess Di.

        • Manuel Pfister


    • Marcos Tarquinio Simao

      ah yeah u’re a guy from UK , try to be a guy from south america and see if they respect you :)

    • Mingoder

      Well.. UK is not much betters isn’t it ?
      Maybe you compare London which is a shithole to San Francisco.. Or maybe just your UK accent might seem interesting to some chicks.. Or maybe you are just a desperate dick who throws tons of money to get some pusy ..

    • Anna

      Lol David, that’s because UK gals are just a notch worst than the US ones. Most British girls I met traveling in the UK were kind of snobby, though of themselves as Queens and had terrible teeth. The again, other than the Irish, the UK men were quite the same, just a tad nicer…

  • lovelygirljones

    Wow, so much for guys who like people for their personalities. All I hear is something about skinny blondes being attractive. Can’t people be a bit more diverse? Are you speaking for the whole of the American male population? Probably not, although I get an impression like you are. I’m just going to say that I find something really wrong in looking for a thin girl. You probably have a small idea that girls are really insecure about their weight and image, thanks to people like you. Finding your ideal girl is like the example girls finding their ideal boyfriend. Perhaps that is why you have such a bad impression of females.

    • Manuel Pfister

      We have a great impression on non-western females, tubby.

      • lovelygirljones

        Oh, hey, cool! I got a response! I didn’t expect that so soon. My slang vocabulary is so small that I didn’t know what tubby meant. Well, anyways, I think I was called fat, unless I got the wrong definition. So, tubby is probably derived from “tub of lard”, but I’m not sure. I’m just guessing. I have a question about your preference on non-western females-What about immigrants or their children who might or might not be raised in America? Is it the culture you are criticizing, or the people themselves? Some people are genetically fat, and born with a slower metabolism than others. Are you saying that you like the foreign looks or the foreign culture?

        • Manuel Pfister

          “Are you saying that you like the foreign looks or the foreign culture?”


          “Some people are genetically fat, and born with a slower metabolism than others.”

          For every 1 “genetically fat” person you can show me I’ll show you 1,000 lazy, irresponsible, non-exercising, processed food eating, fast food eating fat asses that only have themselves to blame. This “genetically fat” crap is just more whiny, liberal, “it’s everybody’s fault but mine” drivel. If the problem was genetic, the obesity rates in the US would not have sky rocketed in just the last 25 years. People don’t genetically mutate or evolve in just 25 years unless they are living next to Chernobyl maybe. Nice try though. Here’s an idea: if you have a slow metabolism – don’t eat so much!

        • vlad tepid

          Why do guys like non-obese women? Because looking healthy is a sign of health. Have any of these women who complain about “men being pigs” ever taken a biology class? Ever watched the Discovery Channel? Our biological impulses COMMAND us to find healthy, vigorous partners for 1) the ability to carry our offspring to term and 2) to healthily raise up whatever offspring survive infancy. Now we’re not living in caves anymore, but we were only 10,000 years go…How fast do you think genetics can change? Women on the other hand are genetically programmed to find a secure, healthy vigorous partner who can 1) provide her with healthy offspring and 2) provide for those offspring if they survive infancy. And most of the women in the world who we are discussing (Ukrainian, Korean, Thai, Polish, Colombian) still largely think this way. Somehow, Monsanto or McDonald’s or Macy’s has damaged the reward centers of American/British women and now they’re off on some other planet. Fine. We guys just shrug the old shoulders…and broaden our horizons!

          • Manuel Pfister


    • Pay_Lay_Ale

      All I hear is something about skinny blondes being attractive. Can’t people be a bit more diverse? Are you speaking for the whole of the American male population? Probably not, although I get an impression like you are. I’m just going to say that I find something really wrong in looking for a thin girl.

      Yes, many of are quite diverse in tastes. Some prefer blondes. Some brunettes. Or red hair. Or black hair. Some prefer shorter women. Some prefer taller women. Some prefer pale skin. Some prefer a light tan. Some prefer a darker skin. But the research does show that blond hair, blue-eyed, taller women, with a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio, 5’5″-5’9″, 110-140lb, and medium-sized breasts is the most attractive female to men of all races.

      As for weight, what men are genetically programmed to be attracted to isn’t thin, but normal. You know, the way that women in the US used to be, up until 25 years ago? When I was growing up, there’d be like 1 fat kid in class who would get teased incessantly. Today, a third to half of a class (or more) in ELEMENTARY school are chubby, both male and female.

      We even have terms for how women used to be. Ever hear of the term, “little old ladies?” They were normal. They weren’t called “short fat old ladies.”

  • Wolfie65

    I grew up in Europe and moved to the US in my 20’s, which I regret on occasion, look no further than this post for reasons why.
    Seems to me the no.1 difference is that in Europe, a woman’s attitude will usually more or less match her looks and/or social status.
    A bona fide 10, millionaire’s daughter or actual royalty will have the attitude of a 10, an 8 will have the attitude of an 8, a 6 the attitude of a 6, and so on.
    In the US, the hyperinflated self-worth, princess syndrome and sense of automatic entitlement of 8’s-10’s have left the stratosphere and were last seen headed for Andromeda, 6’s and 7’s believe themselves to be 10’s and act accordingly, even 4’s and 5’s still sport attitudes even an 8 would have trouble getting away with most any place else.

    • Porcupine Glenn

      What you said here could not be more truthful.

  • Pay_Lay_Ale

    I lived in Brazil for two years as a Mormon missionary (I’ve since come to my senses). When I was there, the women were all over me. I had to put forth a very concerted effort to avoid having a girlfriend. Nice problem to have, eh? I found that there are many beautiful women there. There are even quite a number of Japanese-Brazilians and German-Brazilians. In fact, Brazil has the largest population of ethnic Japanese outside of Japan of any country in the world. The Favelas (ghettos) were mostly blacks and darker mulattos which I don’t usually find attractive. The middle class and rich areas had some really beautiful women.

    The culture had its good and bad. On average, the women were probably even less-educated/informed than their American counterparts. But this tends to be the case more with men than with women. Most men don’t even finish high school and a large % of women don’t either. But college is free if you have good enough grades. Most middle class people speak some English. Upper-middle class and rich people usually speak English fluently.

    They are starting to fatten up too. When I was there 10 years ago, maybe 5% were obese and maybe another 10% overweight. But according to a recent article, it’s now up to 44%. It appears to be a result of their economy going gangbusters over the last 10 years. They recently discovered what could be the largest remaining oil field in the world offshore.

    Like many Latin cultures, they as a whole are a much friendlier and sociable people than Americans. Most Americans have never spoken to their neighbors. There, everyone knows everyone in the neighborhood. There are a lot of hot young women and they can be loyal and good wives. But it’s also difficult to find a woman 16-25 that doesn’t already have at least 1 kid, especially in the poorer areas. Maybe it’s changed since I was there.

    Gender roles are more clearly established and it is expected that women take care of themselves, including getting cosmetic surgery and boob jobs if they need it. It is completely unacceptable for a woman to not know how to cook/clean and treat her man with respect and admiration.

    For the most part, they love Americans and American culture. What they don’t like is our overseas military adventures and they also feel bullied by the US Govt.

    Goods produced domestically were stupid cheap when I was there, while imported goods were stupid expensive because of a 95% tariff. Filet mignon was $1-2/lb. Oranges and bananas were 5-10 cents per pound. Milk was a buck a gallon. I’m sure this has changed somewhat since the Real has doubled in vale against the dollar in the last 10 years.

    I’m going to go back in 2013 and plan on having a bunch of fun as a single guy. I’m sure I could really slaughter the women there since I speak Portuguese fluently. Casual sex is not as taboo there as it is in the US…

    Shit, this is long enough to almost be a country review…

  • Jello Biafra

    Does anyone have advice on countries were I could find family orientated traditional women preferably not overly materialistic? Or a smart way to meet them anywhere?

  • Rupert Pumpernickle

    You nailed it dude – gents, forget traveling to Australia – its easily on par if not worse than the states, such a shame…..

  • David

    nice article, keep it coming…

  • ApacheGirl

    I am a native American female from California. I am not fat, nor am I lazy, I weigh 127lbs and I am 5’10. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and maintain appearance.

    My opinion on this topic:

    -American women are lazy, narcissistic bitches
    -They complain about their weight yet never do a thing about it, instead they find excuses to get out of changing
    -they are the most money hungry breed of women that exists
    -they lack any sense of cultural diversity, they tend to stay within their own pack of drama filled whores
    -they consume themselves in self help programs, magazines and books, yet they never listen to any direct advice given to them.
    -they make excuses for EVERYTHING they do wrong
    -they don’t work hard for anything, instead they take the easy way out
    -they are either extremely arrogant, or suffer from insecurities

    I could go on and on, but it’s not worth wasting too much of my time on. My point though is I very much agree with your article and appreciate the fact that you have made it so American women can see how they are viewed. I am aware I may sound almost hypocritical because technically I am an American, but I am one of the few full blooded natives that was raised following our traditions and customs first. I have never acted in the ways most American females do, and honestly they should be embarrassed that majority of the world views them this way, but maybe it will give some a wake up call.

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      I certainly did not mean Native American girls when I wrote this! I can’t say I’ve met enough to develop an opinion. Thanks for your comment.

    • Marcos Tarquinio Simao

      im brazilian and living in california and girls here dont even give me a chance to know them , they just care about money , power and status. im not bad looking and have a high educational level. im really a nice guy

  • Holland-loving-dood

    Hi, I’m Romanian-English (English dad, Romanian mother) & I was born & raised in Romania, though English is my 1st language. Anyway, I have to say that the absolute worst girls to date are Romanian girls. You think American girls are bad? You definitely ought to get a load of Romanian girls!
    I’m actually quite angry at my dad for liking Romania better LOL (well, he does make more money than if he’d stayed in London & I suppose the dreary English weather’s factored into the equation as well).
    But Romanian girls are certainly the most ludicrously self-entitled sorry-arse bitches any bloke could lay his eyes on. Thank god I’m moving to Holland for college.
    Picture that classic scenario an American woman projects in her stupid head – ‘oh, I’m waiting for my knight in shining armour on his pacing steed to sweep me off my feet’. OK, now imagine that a zillion times worse. What you get is Romanian girls. At least American girls have much whiter teeth (that obsession is a good thing).
    They think they are the most beautiful, the smartest, the most refined, the most educated, the best polyglots, utterly fantastic lovers, girlfriends & wives, the most devoutly religious people in this decaying world void of spirituality & faith (they are as confident they will go to heaven as the earth is round). Etc. etc.
    Reality check, Romanian bitches!
    Utterly materialistic, they are only interested in men who have money (unfortunately, since I am one of them, I have spent my money thriftlessly on many a skank).
    They expect you to date them (&, of course, pay for everything) for at least five months strong before ANY kind of sex and usually oral is something they WILL never do, because their stupid mums have taught them that such practices are ‘immoral’. The ‘easiest’ girl I’ve ever dated only agreed to have sex with me after 6 weeks (of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but girls who go to bed with a guy after just one date or even after 5 dates or so are looked down upon). Personally, any really easy slut I’ve ever met also had physical drawbacks (such as being unattractive & not taking care of herself that well).

    They think they are the most beautiful girls in Europe at least – they always say: ‘oh, those ugly German, English or Swedish women – they’re so ugly from years of inbreeding, from marrying their cousins etc.). In point of fact, ma’ dear sluttish strumpets (I guess that’s redundant) the most beautiful girls I’ve seen were from Germany – some ridiculously breathtaking redheads with hair down to their butts, slim & slender as the willow tree LOL Tasty cunts, too. (caution: you’ve sometimes gor to have a German male friend to introduce you to these lasses, but once you’re there it’s pretty straightforward).

    Oh, and speaking of hair, Romanian girls totally ruin their hair by dying, curling and straightening it a gazillion times (& they even admit it, they’re addicted to damaging their hair). Very rarely can you see the flowing unaltered blonde Dutch or German hair that many girls have in those respective areas.

    Of course, there are perks (not for me, though). If you’re foreign, ESPECIALLY if you’re American, you have about a 50%-50% chance, because Romanian girls are impressed with ANY foreigner, for some reason. By the same token, quintessentially American stuff like McDonald’s, Burger King & KFC are now becoming the ‘elite’ places to eat & hang out (just because they’re American &, thus, cool). So I fear Romanian girls will also become as fat as they are obnoxious.
    By the way, I’m considered quite good-looking & in shape, but I just can’t put up with the shit Romanian girls stuff down your throat. So there’s no way I could ever have a stable relationship with a Romanian girl (the fact that I’m half English does help, but the fact that I speak Romanian as well kind of dwindles that foreigner effect).
    I’m going to Holland, which is pussy heaven. You can bang a good ole Dutch lass the very day you meet her.

    SO never think you are alone, my fellow Yanks! Us Romanians who happen to have a British father are with ya! Cheers!

    • gregpastik

      You are 100% correct on the romanian girls. The whole society there is messed up, they do not have a chance to understand what is happening. Anyone wanting to understand the messed up nature of the romanian girls mindset should just watch a few minutes of MTV in Romania and see the typical Music video produced by and for these girls. I have far more experience with Romanian girls than I care to admit, and I advise everyone to avoid them like the plague.

      • SeemsTrue

        The “smart” romanian women are actually quite dumb.. they do not actually understand anything – in ANY domain but they will think that because they memorized some shit or because someone says so that is true…

        They judge everyone by how traditional/conservative he is and much is a looser – romanians are basically no ball beggars who are “playing the game” because “that’s what is required”.. They will go to the church because their wife says so,. they will dress like some retard waiter because that is “what is appropriate” and so on.

        And they will listen and agree to all kind of shit just to get laid..
        On the other hand romanians in general are very dumb .. And women cannot think – they are basically you dumb american fatties just that they are not that fat (yet) because they were forced to walk a lot and had no money to eat at macdonalds..

        Then you have the “artists” – basically unsecured frustrated women who think they are better than the dumb bitches because they have “values” .. those values: going to church, doing what the society and traditions and their parents tell them (they will actually be on the phone with their mom telling them everything about you – seeking approval.

        Some of them are ok looking but they are all “psychologically castrated”.
        So the best women in Romania are the dumb bitches – at least they fuck… but that is changing rapidly inmost areas as the amount of money thrown to them increases (low level peasant romanians working abroad in Spain and Italy and throwing money to show off etc). Still better that the average “mormon women”.

  • EmanTheDesperateHouseboy

    I have just this to add…

    It’s because of the attitudes and behaviors of most of these American females that I’ve sworn them off and decided to go ‘woman-less’. Beauty and appearances can be deceiving, yet it’s more than that. Life’s too damn short to convince a flaky, unappealing, or stuck-up girl to like me when 99% of the time, they genuinely do not like you or want you around.

    NO! to Ameriskanks!!!

    [BTW, I’m another mid-30s black male reader of yours! FIRST POST–I’m finally glad to visit your site…]


  • The Truth

    from My experiences American B***ches!! Are stupid, Self centered, lazy, Self Centered, spoiled, overrated b***ches!! They easily think they have the best P**sy in the World. They want to talk down the beautiful hot girls overseas. Haters!!!! You lazy, spoiled, self centered b***ches can enjoy the dumb brain washed dudes that continue to treat y’all like the best thing on the planet. I’ll keep having fun with girls overseas who appreciates a good guy. I know I’m being an ass, i used to be one of these very nice guys who do anything for these american women. And how I treated, like CRAP!!! I’m done with american women. It’s time to just enjoy overseas woman!!! i ain’t complaining!!! Keep Hating!!!

  • Thurston Howell III

    Let me give you some perspective from a never-married, successful guy in his mid-40’s who’s lived in Asia and London…

    There is little difference between American women and foreign women. Sure, they have a different sound, look and style, but they are basically the same. If you meet one overseas and bring her back to the US, she will eventually change into an American woman. I know guys who have done it and it always turns out the same. Now, if you want to travel for a little pay-for-play, then Brazil, Colombia and Southeast Asia are excellent. But, don’t kid yourself into thinking that bringing a foreign girl home will lead to happy-ever-after. It’s no different if you move there either. Trust me.

    There are plenty of beautiful American women that would make fantastic wives. However, as an American man, you need to take a different approach and perspective in landing one.

    Basically, you need to think like a woman.

    Let’s face it, the US divorce courts are BRUTAL to the money-maker in the marriage, not the neccessarily the man. I know female breadwinners that got slaughtered in the courts when they got divorced. It happens. So, in the modern world, you need to approach relationships with women like women do with men.

    Always look to marry-up like they do, or, at least, marry at-par. If she doesn’t have a serious career with serious income potential, kick her to the curb. The streets are paved with hot chicks who took the easy way, like an Art History degree resulting in a series of lame, shitty, low paying jobs. Ignore them, they are trash, and you can rent one by the hour off of the internet if you really need one. Face it, they treat men the same way, so fuck it if it sounds callous. We are discussing your future happiness here. I won’t consider a second date if she doesn’t have a solid career and bringing in a respectable income. In the modern world, it’s all about numbers to the courts, so make damn shure she is carrying her weight in the relationship or get rid of her. It’s that simple and they have been doing it for centuries.

    But, please, don’t kid yourself into thinking they are any different because they grew-up somewhere else. They are all the same.

    • Manuel Pfister

      About bringing a foreign woman to the US or other typical western countries agree 100%, and we explicitly stated this in other articles. However, we vehemently disagree with the rest of it. Some foreign girls are truly better, you can find good ones and you can live happily ever after with them abroad. You do not need to become a male gold digger to succeed either. If your experience has been different you are doing something wrong.

      • Thurston Howell III

        Manuel, when the novelty wears-off in a few years, you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. Enjoy your time with your foreign girlfriend. I’ve had many and they are a lot of fun.

    • bbqchickenrobot3

      Such a shame that even one person thinks this way. Love is fucked!

    • Michael

      Amazing how you reduce love into a financial transaction, By applying your logic why should I marry better to find a prostitute, whether hooker or house wife you pay for the sex. Also men married to foreign women have much lower divorce rates then those who marry USA women…

  • Jason

    I stumbled on this site while planning out my Euro Trip and thought this post was interesting. It reminded me of my own perception of women in the US when I was new to the country 6 years ago. When I interacted with white american girls, most of them seem to deal with their own insecurities. Some who were single feeling insecure about their single status, others who were in a relationship feeling insecure why they were not married yet. This was confirmed when a female(white american) coworker was coming on to me and when I subtly (and politely) sent a message I wasn’t interested, she became a racist just because I didn’t wanna date her. I was beginning to form an opinion by then and it was interesting to see this article confirming some of it.

    I dated a Colombian, South-east asian who came to the US at age 12, Chinese who came to the US 5 years ago, a Korean who was very new to the country. Colombian was a crazy party girl and fun was the only thing on her mind. South-east asian (she was a 10/10 in looks) was very loving (I think it comes from the asian culture) but she had the insecurities and was materialistic (from being in the US for 15 years I would think). Chinese was loving, fun and the most incredible in bed of all. She would even pay for dinners sometimes without my knowledge. Korean was the sweetest of all but materialistic. I met a Russian girl I met that was the complete package – gorgeous (she has two kids), really sweet, slim, respectful, fun to hang around and most importantly wasn’t insecure. I didn’t get to date her as she was married but I gotta tell ya, I’m still in love with her.

    I think at the end of the day cheating, materialistic characteristics, lack of respect, divorces are more common in affluent countries (some girls that were not materialistic to begin with become so after migrating to the affluent countries). So, if the money flows to the east someday, the east would be the now west with all its problems. But until then, I will stick with Asians and Eastern europeans :)

  • James

    LMFAO !!!!! This article is 100% spot on. Ive been single for nearly 3 years now….longest stretch in my adult life and every woman I meet is grossly overweight, covered in tattoos, incredible selfish and jealous of just a plain lunatic. I thought I was being picky or something…i sensed something was up…because it seems all of these AW’s are retarded. I refuse to be an emotional kickstand for women and this is a full time job babysitting AW’s.
    NOTE: I workout 2x day and have an 8pack, so kiss my ass—I have a Masters Degree too.


    NO TATTOOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Hilarious comment.

    • Justin L.

      I”I refuse to be an emotional kickstand for women ” .. seriously, that’s going on my tombstone. I LOL’d, a lot

  • Keyser

    Thank you to all of you .. I’m male, non-American, and find this American Guy vs. American ‘Gal’ ruckus highly entertaining.

    On a serious note, If there’s a problem with American girls then the guys are as much to blame …… don’t you see that? Girls don’t develop personalities in a vacuum, they pick up on signals and behaviors that the guys foster and promote as much as the girls. If they’re materialistic – well, it’s no secret that American society is pretty materialistic.

    My perspective ? – well, I live in Dubai where you meet more nationalities than you have hot dinners …… I’ve been able to relate to girls from pretty much anywhere, not many american girls out here but I’ve gotta say, I do find them a bit – – – – difficult to talk to, maybe? It’s like there’s a formula you need to crack before getting to first base, whereas with europeans, asians, latinos i can pretty much be myself and take it from there.

    Adios and look me up if you’re in this bizarre and fascinating neck of the woods.

  • Alana

    I stand corrected! You ARE in a relationship with a foreign woman.. and you still think she’s exotic… So as you stated to me earlier, there is no reasoning with you. I don’t want to bash your relationship, and believe me I’m not. But when I say “substance” I mean after the honeymoon, lustful stage has worn off. If you still look at her as an exotic foreigner, then I would say it has not. I know you don’t agree with me, but it should wear off, and hopefully it does (lust can only take you so far). JUST AN OPINION- don’t get a stress induced eye-twitch because you think I’m bashing your relationship, please.

  • Alana

    Anonymous/Sophia- you’re wonderful….

    and Manuel, you need to lay off a bit (or maybe just get laid =) joooking). You seem like an incredibly hostile person, which isn’t attractive- I’m guessing that your European ladies won’t take to it either. I can admit that there is some truth to what you say about me. Nevertheless, I am not going to praise you for your realization, because I put it out there for everyone to see. Maybe I’m a bit of an “idealist”, but I’m enjoying life and have met a lot of interesting people and have had many wonderful experiences due to the fact that I’ve decided to drop any prejudices or judgments that overgeneralizing would otherwise force me to have. Now…. you on the other hand… would like to live in a bubble of beautiful women and parties. If that is not a “fantasy world that you have meticulously constructed for yourself” then I don’t know what is. You’re in your mid-30s calling people stupid for writing their ideas in a forum (which is invented specifically for this purpose) and you truly think that what matters is to be “prettier and more physically fit than others”….. I would really love to see you. You must be incredibly handsome to be entitled to bashing the overweight and screwing the perfect.

    I’m not sure if you actually have relationships with the models you speak of, or if you just write about the desire. Either way, after actually having relationships (of substance) and trying to find out who a person is, you will understand what I am trying to say. You have led me to believe that you haven’t, OR YOU WOULD KNOW BY NOW that people are people. Some are smarter, prettier, more in shape, more artistic… I think the differences are great. We are overweight, underweight, whatever- at the end of the day us women take off our make-up and put on similar pajamas. This isn’t a fantasy world, it’s reality; you’re just too dense to comprehend it. Lacking depth will result in missing out on something great. You should date around- a variety of different women- you may enjoy yourself!

    You state that I am an “idiot” – or imply that I’m a bit of a hippie- but I think a little yoga and a vegan diet will do you good…. All that red meat might be what’s stressing you out ;)

    • Justin

      Hello Alana. I thought I would just put my two cents in, even though this reply is two years late.

      A lot of us men are bitter because of our experiences with American women. I come from an educated, good-looking family. My extended family is rather handsome too. My male cousins, brother, and myself have reached similar conclusions (now in our late 20s) about the princess syndrome and self-entitlement that plagues many women in America. Same with my male buddies. We know how to play the game and do very well for ourselves, but to me it’s exhausting and unfulfilling. You are a woman, so you don’t truly understand what it is like on the other side of the fence nor do you have the experience of dating women from a male perspective. The Americans girls I have been with have been selfish, entitled, and expect you to do everything for them. Many have turned out to not be long-term relationship material, although only one girl I dated for several years seemed like quality material until she turned into a slut years down the line. I agree with other posters that if a girl is a 3 or a 4, she will act like a 6 or a 7. A 6 or a 7 will act like an 8 or a 9. It seems that 80% of the girls want the top 20% of guys, and anything less is considered settling, even if a 6 or a 7 is dating a male 6 or 7.

      Sadly, I would argue that the majority of American women want to sleep around through their 20s and settle down with some chump when they hit their biological wall. The theory is that women, as they approach 30 or so, don’t have as many options because their age starts to show. The more handsome men can still sleep with younger women. Post-wall women begin to “lower their standards” (the standards they had for the handsome stallions they slept with during their 20s but would not commit to them). These women begin to look for stability and settle with a financially stable nice guy that they aren’t as physically attracted to and would have easily overlooked in their 20s. Its sounds all hunky dory for the nice guy who gets married to the beautiful girl, right? He won! He beat all those alpha studs in the end! But the problem is a general rule of thumb of mine: you can’t make a wife out of a whore.

      Let’s use the analogy of credit history. If you were a credit lender, obviously you would perform a background credit check on a client to see if they are eligible for a loan. After all, you don’t want someone who is high-risk, and therefore more statistically likely to default on a loan. I believe the same is true of some women. If a girl slept through her 20s and didn’t experience fulfilling and emotionally satisfying relationships, she won’t magically become good relationship material in her late 20s/early 30s just because she “matured” and decided she wanted a stable relationship. Those women have been making late payments, defaulting on credit, or even declaring bankruptcy in their 20s, but when 30 rolls around they want to qualify for a big huge loan (marriage with the best they can get). Unfortunately, some men are not as careful as credit lenders. The quality men will perform “background checks” and pass on them. But thirsty men, the type of men who were ignored all throughout their 20s by women in general, the ones that applied themselves, and secured a great job will probably look at their “sex credit history” and still give them a chance because they truly believe they can do no better. Guess what? Those selfish women in their 20s are still going to be selfish in their 30s. They will be just as entitled. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, old habits die hard, etc. They will likely become shitty mothers and make for shitty partners that don’t treat their husband well. If you’re a financially well-off guy, guess what? 50% of marriages end in divorce and that court system is designed to take the guy to the bank. You may lose your children and a lot of your money. Thanks to no-fault divorce, even if your wife is a cheating whore, she will gladly profit from child-support and alimony. Your comfy 80k a year is now supporting your wife and her deadbeat badboy boyfriend, and your kids are now part of a broken home because mommy couldn’t close her legs. No thanks.

      So what is a man to do? Well there is a vanishingly small percentage of women in America who are not like that. Ones that don’t sleep around and don’t have one night stands. Girls like that who are on the 8-10 attraction scale are urban legends. There are some 6-7s around. We all know the type, but they got into relationships in their early 20s, already have satisfying partners, and so on. Then there are the type of women that nobody wants, typically fatter women. Sorry, but I take great care of my body. I regularly work out, have a 6 pack, nice arms, and a big chest. I push myself hard everyday for what I have. I don’t want some fatty, but I don’t want some entitled cunt either. I just want an equal partnership with mutual respect. I’m not looking for a 10, just someone on a similar attraction scale as myself (7-8 range). I am nearing that age where I want to have a family, but my options are single moms, fatties, and the rare unicorn 6-7 that is impossibly difficult to find. Is it shallow to not want a 5 or below? Yeah, probably. But considering the amount of women that approach me in bars, etc, I feel like I’ve earned a face that’s easy on the eyes. So now, I am considering dating abroad.

      I actually recently travelled to Japan on business and met an incredible girl. I had no intention of meeting anyone in Japan, but it just sort of happened. This girl is a solid 8: petite, nice chest and ass (for a Japanese girl? My god), stunning facial aesthetics, and she takes fantastic care of her physical appearance. She is humble, affectionate, and extremely caring. I’ve been dating her for several months and it has been like no relationship I’ve ever been in before. She takes care of me, and I her. She loves animals and I can see what a loving and caring wife/mother she would be. She is incredibly family oriented and is very close with her mother and two sisters. Being a mother is her dream. She is completely selfless and refuses that I pay for her meals. She will even try to carry my belongings or clean my room. I have to tell her not to, ha. Imagine that with an American girl! Not only that, but she has had only 3 other sexual partners in her lifetime and when I told her how hook-up culture in America was like she was disgusted and commented that American girls are dirty. But lets just reflect on that number for a moment. My god, just 3 partners!!!! An 8 in America has had so much dick up her ass that she lost count at 35.

      Fellow men that want a wife (not a whore) and a loving partner that is attractive, go foreign. I can’t be the only guy that randomly meets a solid 8 and she happens to be the exception in a country like Japan. No, that humble and selfless attitude is likely the standard in a country like Japan and dumb american sluthood is the exception. Get it while you still can.

      Oh and to the fat apologists that claim some American women are obese because of genetic disorders. I would argue that accounts for an extremely small percentage of women. Guess how many fat girls I saw in Japan during my 1 week stay? Zero. I saw maybe 3 or 4 fat men. Let that sink in just a little. Zero fat girls. “Those girls must be anorexic and have eating disorders!! Real women have curves!!” No, these women just know how to take care of themselves. They cook healthy meals and care deeply about their physical appearance. When I went canoeing on a popular river this past weekend it was a struggle to find a thin girl. All the thin girls were from different cultural backgrounds (hispanic or asian). The white females were massive land whales, with just a few that were thin. Fucking sad. These fat american women were eyeing me like a piece of cake too because women love the muscles.

  • Anonymous

    It’s great that you find foreign women amazing, but they aren’t so highly praised in their countries either.
    Fact: Foreigners visiting a new country are often very interesting and better liked than someone from ones own home field.
    Everyone deserves to be defended, even you. All of your male counterparts rise in to jump at your defense, don’t they? I’m simply complying to explain the situations of those in America.
    I could say the same for American men: they are sedentary, unskilled, undeniably rude, disrespectful and abusive. I haven’t met one man that hasn’t tried to hurt or control me at their every expense and I do not seemysefl as someone worth holding onto so tightly or extremely beautiful. At the same time, I can admit that better men are out there and they aren’t hard to find when looking in the right places. Also,looking for:common interests, morals, and outlooks on life along with future goals. I’m not talking about getting married or having kids, my personal nightmare, but I’m talking simply about being a team. American men crack so many jokes about a woman’s place being in his kitchen and while it comes off as a joke, it is expected. Along with sustaining the children, caring for him and listening and reacting to his every whim. I don’t want a relationship that men like you expect. I don’t want a man to love me because I baby him. I want someone who cares like I do, who wants to be part of a team, not divided conquests. Someone who can come home and help cook a dinner, or help do the laundry or help mow the lawn. A little teamwork goes a long way in sustaining a relationship. But women and men both do not understand that. As soon as you stop sugar coating everything for American men, they hate you. You’re a bitch, you’re insane. Whatever beef it may be. It’s astoundingly pathetic. It goes the same for women, but not all of us are like that.
    I would hate to depend on a man in any situation, it has nothing to do with being a snobby uptight princess, it’s merely the fact of: What if this doesn’t work out? I have no career, nothing to fall back on? Where will I go?
    I don’t want to worry about that. I want to be able to take care of myself in case something like that ever happens.
    On top of this, I don’t worry about men, they’re useless to me. I don’t have any interest in dating or marrying, or even looking at one. It’s not for me. Dating is not for me at all, and I’m sure there will come a time when one just takes my breath away: race, origin, skin color, eye color, height, weight, style, fitness all irrelevant, because truly knowing a real person is looking past the flaws and accepting them as what and who they are, not the looks that will wilt as soon as a few centuries pass.

  • Anonymous

    I must comply, as a fellow American, and female that there are disgraces amongst us. And many at that. There are girls out there that I would presumably like to shake until common sense kicks in, but in all honesty, there are girls like that everywhere. Not just in America. Secondly, American men aren’t much better, I’m not sure exaclty, Charlie, where you come from. Whether it be another country or America, but there are many wonderful women in our country smart and tasteful. They are hard to find, but so is a good man. Smart girls expect an equal relationship based on trust and give-and-take, not money that is disgusting. A woman in a relationship for money has no drive for life, no passion and no plans for her future. Overall, your article was amusing and I could appreciate the take on our female population for the humorous side it had, with a taste of the cold truth. It was refreshing. Thank you, but maybe you should think of women who have intellect from America as well.
    To finish, I must add you sound shallow. Not to be impolite, I’m sorry if it offends you. Yes girls should take more pride in their appearance, but what about the girl who is obese? She may have a disease and can’t lose weight because of internal issues that prevent her from so, or maybe the girl wearing sweats and cheap clothing can’t afford it because she’s paying her way through college? Before we turn on the judgement, ponder situations and don’t follow the mainstream ideas that the rest of the world bases their judgmental attitudes on. Some girls can help themselves, but in reality, evryone faces a battle and creating a ‘book cover’ so to speak of their entire being is pure vanity, think before you judge. That is all I would like to say. Again, fantastic article, I mean it.

    • Manuel Pfister

      “but there are many wonderful women in our country smart and tasteful” They are few and far between, cerntaly not “many”.

      “A woman in a relationship for money has no drive for life, no passion and no plans for her future.” Agreed.

      “Yes girls should take more pride in their appearance, but what about the girl who is obese? She may have a disease and can’t lose weight because of internal issues that prevent her from so” Not bloody likely. For every one person that has a real medical condition that makes it near impossible for them to lose weight there are 100 that are just plain lazy and irresponsible with their diets.

      “Yes girls should take more pride in their appearance, but what about the girl who is obese? She may have a disease and can’t lose weight because of internal issues that prevent her from so” Who says looking presentable costs tons of money? It doesn’t. Knockoffs look just as good as the real designer shit and often times they’re made in the same factory. Take a tour around eastern Europe where in some countries it’s normal to subsist on salaries of $100 – $500 per month – girls still take pride in their appearance and look stunning.

      Lame excuses you’re putting up for the American Chicks.

      • Anonymous

        They are not lame, I’m not poor, Manuel, and I don’t care about what European girls look like, although, Americans orginated from the Europeans. (Anyone who has studied general history could assume that), but our country is sinking further and further into poverty. People don’t have the money to keep their homes or even feed their children sometimes. The people who actually deserve help from our drowning government can’t get it. So if you haven’t seen everyday issues that Americans as a whole, not just women face, maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to offer your pointless remarks. Rail thin girls aren’t beautiful or healthy, neither are larger girls, but both are destroying their bodies, others because they don’t have the motivation to stop it and anorexics because it makes them feel beautiful and accepted by a twisted world. Men are too shallow to see past any of that, and I’m not big on women’s rights. I’m no feminist, I believe in men being better in some aspects than women and vice versa, but seriously. America is not the only country with obese women.
        I will add it’s quite sad when girls, younger than the age of sixteen and older than seven begin eating disorders in fear of being ostracized by peers and society. It really is, children shouldn’t worry about such things and should be children. But twisted views like beautiful girls whom are ‘skinny’ create woes like that in life.
        I know, for instance, my atheletic trainer is a larger woman, but she works out for two hours a day and eats nothing but organic food ever since she left her home, and she still weighs a decent amount. She’s no size zero or one, but she’s healthy. What can you say about that? Some women, although they make overly healthy choices cannot help it. You can’t change the genetic makeup of your body. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so embrace life. Looks don’t last.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not trying to say that there aren’t pathetic girls mentioned above, but I do not like being generalized as fat, brainless, conceited, incompetent to others around the world, or pitifully independent on some man’s money.
        I’m not the smartest girl on the planet, of course not, I have my downfalls consiting of mathematics and sciences, but hand me brilliant works belonging to Shakespeare, Chaucer, or even the wisdom of Confucius and I could decipher it easily, give me a paint brush and I could paint anything with the utmost realism. Give me a language and I learn it like I was born speaking it. I’m American and yet I’m fluent in Russian, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese and a pinch of Hindi. I excel in history, I can remember anything and spit it back out like I had just heard it five minutes ago. I’m in love with Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune.
        Everyone is good at something, even in America, and although we aren’t all-around exceptional we have talents. The most offensive part of your mind set is you truly believe women are hard to find in America that are worth the time and effort of a person such as yourself.
        When you look for outer beauty or become picky with flaws, ebacuse everyone has them, whether they’re on the outside or hidden within their personality, they do become difficult to find for shallow men like yourself.
        Like I said, the only reason I don’t like this article, even though I do find it amusing in some ways, is because I become one of the generalized imbeciles created in our country.

        • Charlie Bushmeister

          Relax, sweetheart, there are exceptions, and not all American chicks are terrible. Like I said in the article:

          “Now before you get all pissed off at that absurd generalization, I will say that of course, America is a huge country with 300 million people in it and there are plenty of good American girls out there. Some of our favorite girlfriends have been American, but they were the exception to the rule and not the norm. Your odds in America of finding a quality woman are bad these days and only getting worse.”

          The average American girl is just not competitive with the average girl in most other countries in appearance, intellect, or niceness. Fact. Get over it.

          Instead of wasting your time sticking up for the average overweight stupid American chick, try to make the most of your advantages and rise to the top. That’s what we dudes from America, where the average dude is also fat and stupid, are doing with our lives.

  • Alana

    Charlie- I am not nit-picking, I completely understand that we are the only ones who call ourselves “America”. On documents we select “American” as nationality, but we never select “America” as the country in which we live. I didn’t deny the fact that it is immediately comprehensible- I simply stated that fact that people in other countries tend not to like that- if you made local friends in other countries instead of hanging out with other visitors who are there to find exotic chicks then you would surely know that by now.

    Austin- You only took the time to look at what I said at the end (which was intended to be a joke, hence the smiling face). I am not a hater. “A lion in a cage no longer realizes he’s a lion and soon forgets how to roar”. I can throw out those quotes as well, and I continue to move/work/live abroad. I have nothing to be hateful about. In reality, I hope that everyone who prefers to live abroad can continue to do so- I just believe that it’s pathetic to never realize that we are all just people (no matter where we come from) and you don’t have to put down one culture (albeit your own) in order to talk highly of another.

    Manuel- 1) I can’t believe you are 30 and still calling people “stupid”. 2) I don’t have thunder thighs- I’m actually a bit on the thin side (not due to an eating disorder- I’ll beat you to that one Charlie) but I wouldn’t be mad if I did have them. 3) I can’t believe you called him “Juan”. 4) You assume that Latino guys want a meal ticket- you have discrimination written all over you- I’ll only assume your girlfriend is European….I can’t take you seriously…

    Nobody has addressed my previous comment of real substance. We are all people buried underneath culture- try to uncover it if you really want to get to know someone. You cannot say that only one type of person exists in a country of such a huge population. I prefer other cultures to my own, but I’d rather bash the government than the people. Common guys, I mean, I know you’re men, but you can’t be that dense…

    • Manuel Pfister


      You cannot be argued with because you are one of those idiots that thinks everybody is equal. That’s a nice fairy tale but it’s not true in the real world. Some people are prettier than others, some are smarter than others, some are more physically fit and so on. A disproportionate amount the stupid ones (and the fat ones for that matter) come from the gold old US of A. While your weight is anyone’s guess your intelligence level leaves no doubt. I consider a person like you not taking me “seriously” to be a badge of honor. Not to mention you couldn’t take me seriously because if you did it would cause the fantasy world you have meticulously constructed for yourself to come crashing down all around you and you’d like end up in a mental hospital. Anyway, quite simply, you are not in my target audience so I couldn’t really care less what you have to say.

  • Ron

    After months of research on a wide variety of topics, I have been convinced that there has been an insidious, hidden agenda to dismantle America almost since the inception of our country. One of the primary targets of this dismantling has been the institution of family and the traditional and biblical institution of marriage. More recently, the Feminism movement, television and media, the educational system, the breakdown in traditional family values and quality time, the development of social welfare programs, the positive status afforded to single parenthood, the ease in obtaining divorce (and lack of stigma), the sexualization of everything in our culture, the acceptance of homosexuality, the decline in our standard of living (inflation) which has resulted in dual wage earners needed to raise a family and latch key children raised to entertain themselves with moronic tv programming (brainwashing to perpetuate all of the above) or violent electronic games, and this list could go on and on couldn’t it. Bottom line, our nation was founded to escape the tyranny of the English monarchy and has been perverted to something resembling the Roman Empire… the way back is through the bible and love of God first, wife second, children third, and then all others.

  • Alana

    Ah… and I forgot to mention- us American women may not be quite popular here, but may be considered exotic in other countries… What you see in a latina woman, the latino men may see in us. Food for thought.

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      It’s amazing, those Latino guys will just slobber all over an overweight pasty gringa. They can keep her, please be our guests.

      • Manuel Pfister

        LOL! They may also be viewing her as a meal ticket…

      • Anonymous


        The comments provided above were rude, Alana was simply stating her opinions and yet you fire her down? Because you think she is dull and mindless stating her thoughts, and you percieve her thoughts unworthy of respect. You can disagree, but in all honesty you wouldn’t be saying tasteless things in reply to her opinion. You should understand Charlie, if you would like to dish it out, then you really should take be able to take it. If you can state your opinions, we may also state them too. I did not call you an imbecile based on your opnions, now have I? I really don’t care what men think of me, I’m no gift to the human race, I’m no genius, I have flaws. I have things I do not love about myself. I have made mistakes, and I also know I don’t need to defend myself against you or anyone else, male or female. I am me. That’s all I would like to be, judge me if you like, but that’s it. There’s nothing else to it. Rip me to shreds as you have insulted Alana, but in the end has it done anything for you? Have you created an accomplishment in bringing another person down? Do you really find yourself above the women you have just profiled and discriminated yourself against?
        Charlie, I am very young and I have much to learn and experience, but still I think it is frightening when you as a grown man, do not understand you are putting yourself at risk of critisism by posting things in this way, and that you will recieve negative feedback. And coming from the electronic age, I understand right now, that fully you have every right to dismantle my opnion because I posted this on my own accord. So I think, you should not be so quick to tear down Alana’s opinion, for if you did not want to have it known in the first place you wouldn’t make such discriminations in public.
        I have been raised in America, I am thankful for what I have, and thankful for the people that have touched my life in negative and postitive ways because it helps me to grow. But I wonder, sadly, if your life has any depth to it? Do you truly enjoy life? Or do you enjoy pretty women? It sounds like as an adult, your life is useless, how on Earth have you conrtibuted to the human race that should allow me to percieve you as a notable figure?
        I could go on and on, but I’ll save that for after you pick apart my theories, with your followers, but the case in which you have treated Alana, it is quite saddening that you can claim to be elegenat and polite. I couldn’t even imagine such actions within your grasp. Have you ever watched Shallow Hal? Starring Jack Black? It’s a wonderful selection and I think, although it’s made purely for entertainment, you could learn much from it. I say with respect for you Charlie. I’m not being bitter and I’m not saying women of that description aren’t as typical as grass on the ground in Pennsylvania, but in with all due respect, please remind me that chivalry isn’t dead.

        Until then,

        • Charlie Bushmeister

          What did I say that was rude to Alana? Don’t blame me for our other readers’ comments, we have an open forum here.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t blame you, and some of the comments on your part throughout this forum were shocking. Have pride, it’ll make you look better in the end.

          • Charlie Bushmeister

            There’s not having pride, and there’s being honest. I just call it as I see it, as is my responsibility as a journalist. Accusing the messenger doesn’t change the truth that the vast majority of American chicks are low quality. I appreciate that you’re such a nice girl and want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But 99% of the American girls (and guys) who look like fat slobs, are indeed, fat slobs.

            I’ve been around long enough and seen enough of the alternative that I think my single dude compatriots deserve to know what their others options for life are.

          • Anonymous

            Honesty is brutal yes, but a true and sensible gentleman would deliver it in a gracious way. I also, would like to know, what it is that doesn’t make you some slob simply sitting on your computer bashing others and ranting about your womanizing tendencies as you travel abroad? A journalist? Are you a real journalist Charlie?
            I never said I was a nice girl, nor did I say I was not. I’ve studied a lot on psychology in my spare time, practiced reading people, discovered many things throughout my studies and learned to put them to use. It sickens me, that by being a United States citizen, I am pegged as thick and ‘brainless’ for lack of a better term. I’m not a shallow person, and I’m not looking at the outside, people who go through rough times tend to look the way they feel, hopeless.
            I think you are self-concious as well. Why else are you hiding behind a mask?

      • Anonymous

        Oh and I highly apologize the error in my sentence, it was meant to be ‘with all do respect’ not ‘in with all due respect’. I hate to leave behind errors.

  • Alana

    To the author and all who have posted,

    It is a bit embarrassing that you refer to the United States as “America”. You want to travel- there is one thing that you should get right first, because I’ve found in my travels that it pisses people off- America consists of all countries in North, Central and South America. Not just the United States.

    Whoever posted statistics about overweight Americans- this includes males as well as females.

    I agree that it is sad and pathetic how little we (all) know as Americans regarding geography- but that’s something that (in general) we all lack, and this is due to our ethnocentrism and (sad to say) our education. Ignorance is not the same as stupidity. If you’ve never been told and you haven’t taken the time to learn on your own you’re ignorant, not stupid.

    I’ve been traveling for years now teaching abroad and now I am in a committed relationship with a Uruguayan man, and it’s not because he’s exotic. The idea of being exotic goes away after about a year, trust me.

    You guys are bored- I get it. You want someone who looks and acts a little different from the standard- us girls do too. However, in the end I hope you realize that underneath culture (and when the exciting cultural and language barriers wear off) you are going to find out that everyone is essentially just the same. Wipe off the culture, and people are all just people. I used to hate “America” as well, but I’ve gotten over it after this realization.

    Sorry, but more than likely you will all get married to American women. My bet is that just about everyone here is in their mid 20s. Once you run out of money you will come home and have to work a 9-5. You will meet an American woman, settle down, reminisce about your flings in foreign countries and you’ll be just fine. =)

    • Charlie Bushmeister

      Nobody, I mean nobody other than those people from the United States of America refer to their country as “America” or themselves as “American”. So it’s a shorthand which a normal non nit-picker understands instantly.

      I will never work a 9-5.

      • M

        Concur. I work with some Canadians and if I want to spin them up I remind them that they are too Americans. They don’t like that at all.

    • Austin

      Young man what ever you do don’t come back and be another sheep.. Keep your freedom.. Don’t believe the settle down hype… Everything about travel is not about money.. it’s who you associate with… Always remember. A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are made for… This Ship was made too sail…D on’t bother your mind with stories for others.. there just haters! (an I’m 51, and hell yeah theres a lot of hunt in this dog!)

      • Charlie Bushmeister


    • Manuel Pfister

      My poor stupid little United States citizen girl, you just don’t get it. Charlie beat me to it though. You are so wrong on all counts it’s unbelievable. I’m mid 30’s and after spending over 20 years in the United States and over 6 years abroad my convictions about the stupidity and all the other flaws of the US women only grow stronger every day. Not only that but I love my foreign girlfriend more ever day not less. Her intelligence and exotic nature does not diminish with time. My intentions to never return to the United States also become more and more set in stone by the day. You simply couldn’t be more wrong. Your rationalization hamster is impressive though. Good luck with Juan, don’t crush him to badly with your thunder thighs…

      • Piñata

        How low can you go, man? Don’t attack people by criticizing his/her weight! I don’t really think you actually know what he/she looks like. Well, whatever, I’m pretty dumb for focusing on that first. Anyways, I’m happy for your girlfriend! Wait, you’re not married? Just curious, when did you start dating? How old is she and do you want to get married? Sorry for being a little nosy. Agh, too many questions. Maybe I should explore this site more.Well anyways, eventually, her exotic nature might either fade away as you adjust to the culture or possibly serve as a barrier between you two. How do you approach your relationship? I know my paragraph flow is terrible, my words are choppy, and I tend to focus on beating people (including myself) down while still apologizing. I suck.

  • http://. ARMINE





  • Bertster

    OMG….not only do most American women suck, the GREAT majority are STUPID as well…..

  • Bill

    Bertster, I sympathize. But you don’t have to be alone. Just start dating foreign women and avoiding American women, especially white women. If you scroll up to my post above, you will see I had a great experience and foreign women are much nicer. Trust me, just try it.

  • Bertster

    Dude…you are SO right…American women, for the most part, SUCK!! Being a divorced single man, dating today is just plain insane!! No matter what the f%ck I say/do/spend, I’m wrong, dull, boring, cheap (two dinners at $110.00 a pop…not a f’n red cent from HER!)….as much as I hate being alone, I get along with myself JUST FINE!!!!

    • Piñata

      These days, it’s so hard to find the right girl.

  • Stories From The Air

    For once I hear the truth about America from Americans themselves. What you I from your politicians and media is that you people are mini-gods and the rest of the world especially China are monsters.

    Well, I suppose you are all hypocrites. You preach your values but you betray them as quickly as your preach them.