Where to stay in Eastern Europe

The Blond Parade in Riga May 2010

Welcome to Eastern Europe, where the pivo is cheap, the women are krasiva and people are experts at taking 3 hours to drink an espresso.  The first practical lesson for you in this paradise is easy:  Don’t get a hotel. Stay in an apartment! You can rent an apartment for the same price or less than a hotel in virtually any Eastern European city. All you have to do is Google “apartment rental [insert city of your choice]” and start shopping.

Lesson One: Rent an apartment when you stay in Eastern Europe, and get an apartment near the center of town.

Now let’s talk about the reasons why you want an apartment over a hotel besides cost (short … [Read more]

Eastern Europe, now do you see?

Ukrainian Army Girls

Hey bro, what’s up?  How are you doing?  What’s new?  Me?  I’m awesome.  Why?  Well, everything is good at work, and I’ve been hitting the gym a lot and eating well  so I feel really excellent these days. Also, I’ve been seeing this totally perfect girl from Eastern Europe!

Yeah, I know, I know.  I never say that about my American girlfriends.  I thought it was me, that I was burned out, and that I couldn’t really be that into a girl anymore.  But this girl changed my whole attitude.  I’m really into her for all sorts of reasons.   Like what?  For one, she’s really ultra hot.   She’s in great shape and really looks good … [Read more]

Intro to Bulgaria

bg 2

Ah, Bulgaria.  A great single dude travel destination.  If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to venture too far off the beaten path Bulgaria is a excellent destination.  It’s not too far away, cheap, beautiful, fun, has 24 hour, 7 day a week full on partying and lots of super hot girls who still carry genes from the alien race that came over on a spaceship and populated the area with alien nymphomaniacs thousands of years ago.  We call them the “Master Race.”

There is no point repeating what others have put out there already, so if you want to know stuff about Bulgaria’s population, size, history, etc check out the CIA World Fact Book, the State … [Read more]

Friday Haiku Corner with ¡Raul! Vol. 4


Get a gay wingman
He will help you fuck that chick,
Or, blow you himself.

Other dudes are here?
Why even pay attention?
We are here for chicks.

Two? Three? Four? Five? Six?
You can not handle them all?
You should bring a friend.

Don’t be her wallet.
She is an equal and earns.
Let her buy you lunch.

The Diamond Ring Scam

A Huge Fucking Rock

Today I’d like to rant a bit about one of the greatest scams going on in relationships in America today – The Diamond Engagement Ring Scam.

Now it’s pretty well established that men’s basic genetic programming is not for long term monogamy.  Our most basic urge is to spread our seed as far and as wide as possible.  For men, agreeing to a permanent single partner is a major concession.

For women, the basic desire is different.  A women prefers on a basic level, a stable, monogamous partner who can provide for and protect them and their offspring.  As women can have a very limited number of offspring, she wants to make sure that the ones she does have … [Read more]

Recommended Team Equipment

Random Hi-tech Shit

Let’s touch on a topic every red blooded male loves: gadgets.  There are a few things that are going to make your travels easier and more productive.  Let’s start of by listing them (bold we feel is vital, others are optional):

1.) A netbook, lightweight compact laptop or iPad (I prefer a full laptop but to each his own)
2.) A camera that fits in your pocket
3.) A small notepad and a pencil (OK, it’s not very hi-tech but trust us you need it)
4.) An unlocked GSM cell phone (quad band highly recommended) GSM means a phone that accepts sim cards
5.) A musical instrument you can carry … [Read more]

Your Very Own “Fairy Wingman”

Who needs a "Fairy Wing-man"? Count us in big boy!

Faggot.  Homo.  Queer.  Ass Pirate.  Chutney ferret.  Poof.   Fudge Packer.   Anal Assassin.

Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s take these words out of your vocabulary.  But ¡Raul!, they deserve to be called names for what they do.  Oh yeah?  What have they done to you and how many times have you been laid recently? Chances are this cheek splitter is already a friend and probably got way more than did you last night.  So, don’t you think you should listen to someone with experience?  You are damn right, Breeder.

Like most people, I grew up in a sort of bubble.  Being gay was not part of the equation.  You would play sports, practice music, go … [Read more]

Fuck you, Cockblock!

Cock Block

Hey you! Yeah you, the less attractive, less friendly girl standing with the really cute girl at the bar I just met and realized I have lots in common with. You know, we’re actually hitting it off! She really smiled as soon as I came up and started talking to y’all and really seemed delighted to meet me.

But now you’re fucking everything up.

I’m trying to talk to your really cute and nice friend who shares my interest in travel and music and books, and you keep interrupting. And then you try to get her to turn away from me to talk to you.  Or you drag her off in the middle of our conversation. Why are you being … [Read more]

Deutschland! Deutschland!


Ah Germany, makers of fine luxury and sports cars, gummi bears, nymphomaniacs that are into dirty sex, lederhosen, bratwurst and the world’s finest beers. It is perhaps the only country where “sausage party” could possibly ever refer to an acceptable event you might want to attend.

I bet you can’t wait for me to get back to that whole “nymphomaniacs that are into dirty sex” thing… calm down Chief. I hate to burst your bubble but Germany is not a recommended destination to meet hot chicks. It’s true there is some very strong talent there, however that talent is rarer than in Eastern Europe and many other places, plus Germany is by no means cheap. … [Read more]

Guest Post: The hot wing girl

Angel Wings

Who you roll with in the day or night make a huge difference in the access you get to different women. I heartily recommend you show up with a beautiful woman or at least a woman as your wing. You might be thinking that it disqualifies you from being considered as a candidate since you brought a sandwich to a buffet, but that is false male logic. Especially when you are new to another country and want to make it memorable, do whatever it takes to get shown around by a hot local. Even hiring an escort (call-girl) to be on your arm isn’t out of the question. You could negotiate a no-sex date where she just shows you … [Read more]